10 RX PERIODS 2017

Retrogrades are time for issues to be




and if resisted,


in order to be fully resolved.

The retrograde energy brings out a rebellion  from whatever conditioning is influencing us…

Inward, downward & backward to arrive = individuation.

 Authenticity.  Integrity.  Responsibility.  Enriching.  AIRE

Individuation must involve embrace true authenticity. 

Meditate –Share – Give – As you are able to purge the domination/submission paradigms around you, those who have distorted the  ‘giving, sharing, and inclusion’  principles, and are instead perversely  leading/dominating  (Capricorn) through exclusion and self-interestwill not be able to dominate you. 

APRIL 2017

5th FEB     2017      23 Libra 08   Jupiter RETROGRADE  YOU TUBE VIDEO


5-April 2017 Saturn RX 27 Sag
9-Apr Mercury RX 4 Taurus
15-Apr Venus Direct 26 Pisces
20-Apr Pluto RX 19 Cap