Winter Solstice Readings 2017


Happy Holy Days, or is it Holly Daze?  Take some time to plug into SOURCE as we approach TRUE NORTH, and the holy days of the Winter Solstice.

Every year Tashi gives a twofer at Christmas so you can share Evolutionary Astrology with your loved ones, and grab a little insight into the Cosmic Timing of the unfolding journey for yourself.

Make an Evolutionary Astrology Appointments(s) with Tashi.

Discover your relationship with Source.

Learn to co-create you life. Understand why you are here on Earth.

Know how the collective waves of energy are affecting you, and get better at Surfing these waves.

Discover Astrological Planetary forces at work on your behalf.

Evolutionary Astrology Transit and Natal Chart EA Readings for Christmas

Specials 2017  $300.00

Twofers.. two for one sessions. email tashi to book astrodakini@ 
Two 60 minute readings for the price of one. Merry Christmas, one for yourself
$300.00 total so you can add a Christmas present one for a loved one.
Limit two per client ( total $600.00)