Pluto square Uranus 2017

Pluto square Uranus forming a cardinal t-square with Jupiter that has already initiated crises globally. Pluto Jupiter and Uranus together serve to expose the corruption, evil and traumas of allowing those who mismanage power(PL), leadership (Cap) to dominate the masses. As in the time of the conjunction of UR & PL in the mid 1960’s, it is time to rise up and make changes.


Vote with your paycheck. Stop supporting any thing that pays for the corruption
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As we continue to be confronted with outer relationships on all levels of our lives, Jupiter in Libra will reveal our imbalances as we face ourselves, and if we can experience our projections onto the “other”. We can use the assistance of Soul awakening Pluto& Uranus receiving benefical and but kicking help from Jupiter to provide us with the ability to look at the discrepancy between our inner and outer lives.
We must walk our talk in 2017, and face the scenarios we did not sourcefully master in 2016 so that we know how we arrived at the current outer situation(s).

Jupiter is correlated to our beliefs and our bigger understanding or philosophy about the meaning of our life. We are all here to learn more about reality, and the study of natural laws will reveal a deeper levels of our Soul intention as we unravel the mess of not walking our talk. We have to take responsibility (cap) for the outer world.  As Jupiter moves through Libra expect to learn about how to BALANCE your self / other stances.  Relationships are always a key component to progressing throughout our life.  EA links expectations  with the archetype of Libra.  We learn, through our ability, or inability, to relate on what I call “a two way street”, a balanced state of giving and receiving.  If we are too selfish (Aries) we tend to be bully or pull others into our way of being, and they tire of that eventually and we find ourselves left to ourselves and eventually we learn consideration for others and what it takes to exist on this two lane highway.
Libra also correlates with extremities, and we must learn to find balance in the self/other relationship arena so that we overcome over doing it, and under doing it.  Over estimating yourself, understimating others, underestimating others, overestimating others… all that gets worked out this year.  Jupiter teaches us natural law, how to be authentic in your relationships and aligned with partners and soul mates.  Jupiter often brings opportunities, and we will all experience the chance to find new partnerships in 2017, as well as to expand existing partnerships.  Jupiter is usually a benefic unless you distort the flowing provident universe to selfish, limiting beliefs or ideologies you wish to inflict on others in the name of “religious beliefs”, which are really just your own beliefs about reality.  Use this year to open yourself up to a bigger brighter luminous awakening possibility of Soul ( pluto ) and freedom ( Uranus) to be closer to God/dess, all that is… the source~

Uranus is an individuating frequency and it will be amplified by Jupiter this winter and spring as we face the limits of herd thinking and consensus conditioning. We can make some leaps in our understanding if we able to cope with the traumas of needed changes. Epiphanies are a part of the Freedom of the Known* as the Ego simply cannot control the force of Pluto Uranus square. We saw the breakdown of society in the 60’s, and God/dess willing as JUPITER brings this square back into focus we will all put some flowers in our hair, and wake up to the need to LOVE whatever arises and harness our BASIC GOODNESS in the face of all that is playing out on the stage of our lives.

( *JWG’s famous book on URANUS)