If there isn’t a buzz about this eclipse there sure should be!  There are two grand trines creating “outlets” for the eclipse!


Sun at 20 Cancer, Moon at 20 Cancer and Pluto at 20 Capricorn – sound the bells that still can ring.  forget your perfect offering – there is a crack in everything… Leonard Cohen
Sun & Moon involved with Pluto, is time to wake up and smell the coffee/roses/truth about your soulular evolutionary necessity.

Pluto will deliver whatever you need to your life so that you will evolve.  This evolutionary necessity is what this eclipse is delivering to each and every one of us – and if you have aspects at this degree, you more than others!

Cancer’s lessons:

  1.  Emotional growth depends on maturation of an ego.  How we see ourselves, not how others view us is related to the sign of Cancer.  So we grow up my becoming self-sufficient emotionally, and we learn about ourselves by feeling all of our feelings.  This eclipse should bring you face to face with emotional security issues.  In the USA over half of the population is feeling inherently insecure because the govt is seemingly derailing their democracy.  The emotional intensity of eclipses can create over reactions.  We can then see displaced emotional outbursts, so avoid confrontations 3 days before and after the 12th of July.

The chart below show that there are two grand trine outlets to this eclipse.  Trines are 120 degrees and three of them make a perfect triangle within the 360 degree circle of the chart.

The Trines bring harmony and ease.  But ease and flow with a lot of tension was what we saw in the chart of 911, so this might not necessarily be a perfect scenario.

In your personal life, it means you can find many ways to solve problems, create harmony and reduce stress.  Do that to help the collective.  Don’t give in to fear based living!  Be pro-active and be helpful, generous, kind and creative this summer.