The Enlightening Times has been in operation since the spring of 1994. It has been owned and published online since 1997, by Evolutionary Astrologer, Tashi Powers.  The first hard copy print issue was titled Living Spirituality and was printed and distributed in the Fall of 1994 largely on the East Coast of the U.S.

In it the ET’s mission statement appeared as follows: “The radical times of the sixties provided many new openings in lifestyles and consciousness. Along with `Woodstock’ and the `Summer of Love’ were `tuning in, turning on and dropping out.’ The end of the innocence arrived as we took up arms against Cambodia and Vietnam.”…

Our belief in our own culture hit its lowest ebb during this time and so we continued to explore alternatives.The mass exodus of Westerners seeking escape or spiritual answers in the far cultures of such places as Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and India opened the eyes of the West to the living spirituality of of the ancient religious cultures of the East.  Mystic Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism were just two `metanarratives’ that offered a much sought after alternative to the constrictive, and for the most part, rejected Judeo-Christian Religious Culture.  Soldiers returned from the Far East with Buddhist wives and Buddhist children. Life was changing. Social, political, and spiritual awareness were brewing nicely.

Our own bankrupt spiritual state was now self-evident, especially by comparison with the profound living spirituality of the East, or our heretofore ignored Native American Tradition, and we could no longer tolerate such a state of soul malaise.  Many  felt compelled to create something new.   So, the `me’ generation set about building its ideologies and structures in which to house a ‘new spirituality’, a Western-based mythos, which has come to be known as “The New Age.”

We opened bookstores, built health food stores, vegetarian restaurants and imported exotic religious symbols, fabrics and handicrafts from the lands which had given us our model of a living spirituality.  

Perhaps we needed to surround ourselves with the sacred objects of the other cultures simply as a reminder that we could live with intention as we create a model of living spirituality for ourselves, in our own Western culture.  I started this journalistic endeavour…. Thus the Enlightening Times has found it’s little patch of heaven….

The purpose of The Enlightening Times is to document the emergence of ‘Western Spirituality.

The ET will share positive ideas about Solutions for  healthy, happy, bliss, bounty and brilliant beauty in our own Western Culture.

Most of these ideas are no longer fringe but are increasingly a part of mainstream society. Anyone can see that there are organic products and food shops everywhere, recycling is a norm, solar power is on the advance, the enlightening energetic is transforming life at every level.

Peruse our webpages and discover what is going on. Enlightening perspective on the fundamentalist virus in the New Age will appear. The ET has matured from a New Age rag, which once helped promote New Age ideologies into a journal of inquiry.  I, the owner and editor of this paper no longer focused on the New Age, and you will find these pages changing more and more to Evolutionary Astrological tools. It is with these Evolutionary Astrological tools, pioneered by Astrologer and Mentor, Jeffrey Wolfe Green, that I now focus my love for humanity!

My own observation and correlation has led me to I find the New Age is riddled with a patina of would be or wannabe “enlightened ones” .   This naivete is the condition of most of the New Age. I called the ET the enlightening times instead of enlightenment or enlightened.. because i believe we are on an ever expansive journey, and the possibilities of how to expand our consciousness are always there.

There is a co-dependency in the New Age. People group themselves into this kind of yoga, hatha only – not kindalini…, this Guru only, this belief only… It is a milieu of leaders and followers, and the followers are often sycophantic, while espousing brotherhood.

Evolution has all its stages. Co-dependence, independence and interdependence. The Gurus are individuating, and usually are locked into a victim martyr game with their “disciples”.   So, my observation these days is that eventually we grow up. We finally move through co- dependence, independence until we recognize… we are interdependent.

I practice Evolutionary Astrology, and in as much observe us all moving through co dependence, independence and interdependence. It is this continual movement that establishes enlightening activity.

Getting stuck in any one stage slows the whole thing down, so I post here to help unstick us all… we are interdependent.

The emergence of a Western based spirituality has still to grow through the fundamentalism in the New Age. So, the online ET continues to take what is best from this ongoing maturation and share it with an increasing population.

And, let us all be responsible and try to eradicate the Virus.  Fundamentalism is not attractive whether it be in Yoga, Buddhism, Meditation Groups or Religions.  With our pulse on the paradigm shifts, you can find articles and interviews on the Online ET.

NEW Features, such as my work with the 4000 year old VASTU tradition and Chinese Feng Shui Master, Annie who combines Black Hat FENG SHUI with my Evolutionary Astrology VASTU.

Look through the archives for an interview with Conversations With God’s Neale Donald Walsch.  Jack Schwartz was my first spiritual teacher. His rare interview is here at the ET. Kalu Rinpoche was my second and longest teacher who inspired me to a living life of active meditation. Some interviews from that period are here as  I am putting up some more of the archives for your enlightening and reading pleasure.  My intervies with Actor, Buddhist, Teacher, Steven Seagal, remains a favorite evergreen piece.


The editor, Tashi Powers