Enlightening Times

The Enlightening Times has been in operation since the spring of 1994. The first hard copy print issue was titled Living Spirituality and was printed and distributed in the Fall of 1994 largely on the East Coast of the U.S. In it the ET’s mission statement appeared as follows: “The radical times of the sixties provided many new openings in lifestyles and consciousness. Along with `Woodstock’ and the `Summer of Love’ were `tuning in, turning on and dropping out.’ The end of the innocence arrived as we took up arms against Cambodia and Vietnam.”…  READ MORE

 Johfra’s Art is used by permission on the ET.

The Art on this site was given to me to use by the Rosicrucian Fellowship.  I suggest you get your own permissions.  Johfra is a French Painter/Astrologer/Mystic/Rosicrucian whose permission was given as I wrote a calendar for the Rosicrucians.

Tashi Powers  tashijune2000

Tashi was born seeing and speaking to Angels, who to this day assist her in tuning into higher dimensional planes of reality, where we co create our futures with the source/force/God/Goddess. Tashi’s greatest joy is to help her clients understand how their intention is the creator of their reality, and how the Cosmos, Mother Nature and the Clocks of the Universe – read by her practice of Evolutionary Astrology – reveal our archetypal interdependence… with all that is. Her ongoing webinar classes and lectures on Evolutionary Astrology – at Olandar in Malibu, have long been held in high esteem.

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