10th  April 2017 ~ Full Moon in Libra 11:08 pm pdt    21Libra

The Libra Full Moon in April highlights the RX retrograde passage of Jupiter in Libra.  As we are all learning BALANCE IN RELATIONSHIPS we must practice enriching ourself and others.  The two way street of Aries Libra demands we are considerate of others, while making precious time also for our own desires to unfold.

As a RETROGRADE unfolds in Libra and Aries * read  venus retrograde * we may need to revisit old relationships and get insights into how we are complete or resistant to growth. Venus has two aspects, exterior = relationships, and interior = self worth.

We are always working on both, and we have just had a new Venus Star Point form at 5 Aries, allowing us all a GIFT of self-love!   Learn how this is working in your chart by asking Tashi for a mini Venus reading.

Aries Libra FULL MOON periods challenge us to be objective and take back projections onto others.  This means accepting you are co creating everything in your reality!  Yes, Dorothy, everything!

26 th April ~  Super New Moon in Taurus: 5:16 am  PDT
09 Taurus 

New Moons are times to begin anew.  to plant seeds of intention ( especially a few hours or days AFTER the New Moon, never never never BEFORE )

Taurus NEW MOON is about

How to earn your money with your talents

How to be resourceful

How to magnetize what you need

How to live with integrity

How to live from your core

How to open up your perspective with self love

How to be the love you wish to receive