Mercury Retrograde 2017

What is the meaning of Mercury Retrograde 2017  in Taurus Does Mercury Retrograde cause things to go bump in the night (awry)?    Yes, it does.  There is a real meaning for Mercury Retrograde.  It means you have to slow down and pay attention at a deeper level of your consciousness.  You must review, re-evaluate-, reconsider, […]

10 RX PERIODS 2017

Retrogrades are time for issues to be re-lived, re-viewed, re-visited, and if resisted, repeated, in order to be fully resolved. The retrograde energy brings out a rebellion  from whatever conditioning is influencing us… Inward, downward & backward to arrive = individuation.  Authenticity.  Integrity.  Responsibility.  Enriching.  AIRE Individuation must involve embrace true authenticity.  Meditate –Share – […]


There are 10 Retrograde Periods in 2017 –  LET YOUR MAGIC TORTOISE GO “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do” – Steve Jobs Book a Reading to get insight into how these land in your horoscope and how they unfold your cosmic timing, Spring […]

Venus Retrograde Stationary Periods 2017

VENUS RETROGRADE DATES  WATCH THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE  Venus enters the Shadow territory on January 29th at 27 Pisces  Venus goes Retrograde March 05th at 13 Aries  Venus is stationary at  12 Aries for five days February 24 – 28th  Then at 13 Aries March 1st to the 6th at RX on March 5th  Venus […]

Full Moon JANUARY 12, 2017

The Full Moon of JANUARY 2017 lands with the Moon at 22 CANCER this year.  THE MOON joins a planetary t-square chord that makes a more intricate and complex dynamic for the Full Moon Energies.   Mercury, the planet of communication, is NOW moving FORWARD. It takes until Jan 29th for Mercury to exit the REVIEW territory, so […]

Weekly Free Horoscope

Check Your Chart, for the Week of 17 April, 2017 by John Rutherford, Astrologer, reading Your Horoscope since 1971. Besides the usual befuddle-duddle-ment of Mercury the Thinker going retrograde, like the Sean Spicer stupidity or the United Air PR disaster, there were two main scenarios that came out of Monday’s Full Moon. The Lunation hit the […]