Winter Solstice Readings 2017

  Happy Holy Days, or is it Holly Daze?  Take some time to plug into SOURCE as we approach TRUE NORTH, and the holy days of the Winter Solstice. Every year Tashi gives a twofer at Christmas so you can share Evolutionary Astrology with your loved ones, and grab a little insight into the Cosmic […]

The Summer of the Jupiter and Neptune Quincunx

Jupiter Direct 2017 see diagram below, Neptune Retrograde all summer.       ♥The energies of these Planets support a re-balancing in relationships this summer. ⊗Making time for yourself in balance with the ability to be truly considerate and 100% present when you are interacting with others. is the best approach to this complex chord of […]

Mercury Retrograde 2017

What is the meaning of Mercury Retrograde  in Does Mercury Retrograde cause things to go bump in the night (awry)?    Yes, it does.  There is a real meaning for Mercury Retrograde.  It means you have to slow down and pay attention at a deeper level of your consciousness. Evolutionary Astrologers advise you to review, re-evaluate-, reconsider, […]