Mercury Retrograde 2017

What is the meaning of Mercury Retrograde  in Does Mercury Retrograde cause things to go bump in the night (awry)?    Yes, it does.  There is a real meaning for Mercury Retrograde.  It means you have to slow down and pay attention at a deeper level of your consciousness. Evolutionary Astrologers advise you to review, re-evaluate-, reconsider, […]

10 RX PERIODS 2017

Retrogrades are time for issues to be re-lived, re-viewed, re-visited, and if resisted, repeated, in order to be fully resolved. The retrograde energy brings out a rebellion  from whatever conditioning is influencing us… Inward, downward & backward to arrive = individuation.  Authenticity.  Integrity.  Responsibility.  Enriching.  AIRE Individuation must involve embrace true authenticity.  Meditate –Share – […]


What you can expect to gain from THE BOOK: Evolutionary Astrology on the Natural Laws of Venus Have you heard of the Venus Pentagram Mandala? Historical records of this Pentagram date back over 10,000 years! And the Venusian mysterious of this profound pentagram provides lasting insights for the deepest intra-personal relationships in your life. Sensitivities and awareness to the magnetism […]