Weekly Free Horoscopes 2017

by John Rutherford, Canadian Astrologer Fall Equinox  & October  2017 Forecasts So, the unmanageable f’ing moron, Klan Leader of the used-to-be Free World, treats Foreign Relations as a game show, his tweet storms so distress his cabinet they form a Suicide Pact, his diplomatic corps flee in droves, and the Disaster A Week Show can’t wait for reruns? NAFTA, […]

June 21, 2017 Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice occurs this year at 023 am June 21, 2017 EDT and this is the chart Astrologers have used for centuries to examine the  Summer Solstice.   Neptune is rising.  The influence of an outer Planet on the ASC is complex.  We have been integrating a Neptune Jupiter quincunx between Pisces and Libra […]

Venus Retrograde Stationary Periods 2017

VENUS RETROGRADE DATES  WATCH THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE  Venus enters the Shadow territory on January 29th at 27 Pisces  Venus goes Retrograde March 05th at 13 Aries  Venus is stationary at  12 Aries for five days February 24 – 28th  Then at 13 Aries March 1st to the 6th at RX on March 5th  Venus […]