Check Your Chart, for MAY 2018

Check Your Chart, for MAY 2018

by John Rutherford, Astrologer, since 2003. Reading Your Horoscopes since 1971.


The New Moon started it. It will take the Full Moon to finish it, a time so convoluted and interconnected, pleasure is mixed with pain, the sublime is laced with the ludicrous. I normally have 40-60 storylines gleaned from the news to use per week as fodder for the forecast. I had 40 I could have used for MondayTuesday alone.

            As Bibi and Shifty made hoopla over moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, 1000s of Gaza protestors were targeted by snipers. The move destroyed the 2-state solution, threw a grenade into Middle East Peace Talks as a partisan political sop to their disrespective hardline bases, inflaming the region, and pleasing bullet makers everywhere.

            All major news outlets, right and left in the West, talked about 60 protestors dead. The UN condemned the action, but the curious thing was, they mentioned 1360 wounded. No mention was given that there were no Israeli casualties, zero. So, conflict or target practice? Snipers aimed for the legs, purposefully to maim. And, the real numbers were double. From multiple sources, about 2700 left with a permanent limp.

            That obnoxious Manhattan lawyer, whose racist tirade against people speaking Spanish went viral? So many of late have been emboldened by examples from the top. He got booted from his office and protestors hired a Mariachi band to serenade his home. Laughter is good medicine, and ridicule is potent.

            Another obsessive kid with a gun shot up another school in the US.  His first target was the teen girl who spurned his advances. Entitled much? Must have taken lessons from Harvey Weinstein. The Texas Lt. Gov. said the problem was schools with too many doors, not guns.

            Then came the Royal Wedding, two kids charmingly in love, a perfectly delightful distraction. Her daddy had a heart attack, and other things, so couldn’t show. His daddy walked her part way down the aisle, then she the rest, setting centuries of tradition on its ear.

            The eruption of Kilauea in Hawaii was the perfect metaphor for the week. As expected, intensity and frequency of eruptions increased through the week. More fissures opened, or spewed higher, and the lava fountains and flows coalesced into a monstrous lava river. Pele was having a Partay!

Yeah, a few rocks in the ocean are what’s raising sea levels. What a conceptual farce.

 This Week: Keeping with the theme of Interconnected Convolutes, the week starts with another Giant Planet Complex and the Sun aspecting 2 Giants in twain, one of them part of the Complex. One of them stifles creativity and expression, but the other waxes long on dreamy possibilities. That’s the short version; it will take weeks for the multifarious manifestations of Jupiter trine Neptune to unfold, some worrisome, some gloriously insightful, solace only found in the extremes. None of this gets solved simply or quickly.

 Nota Bene: When does something get done? When you actually do it or when you first think about it? The thought is the conception, the action is the birth. They are intimately connected. You can’t design a VW and produce a Ferrari. We dodged a brick on Tuesday. A lost asteroid ripped past the Earth inside the Moon’s orbit, amazingly close.

 Monday, 21 May. (Moon waiting in late Leo. Saturn retrograde in Capricorn hard aspects Uranus / Neptune. 8 Cardinal, 23 Fixed)

Any Giant Planet Complex works slowly, and in the background. This is the slowest of the bunch, grinding down experience and expression, throwing babies out with bath waters. But, as Jupiter gets into this mix, the nature and flavour of January’s Giant Planet Super Complex starts to change. There may be ways out of the Scourge of the Wrecking Ball. The gestating Revolution is born next year.

 Tuesday, 22 May. (Moon delirious in Virgo. The Sun in Gemini hard aspects the forming Jupiter / Neptune trine, and Mercury in Taurus triggers them. 1 degree and 16 degrees of All Signs)

Speculation, all that stuff based on hunches and feeling, is rife, getting riper. Conspiracy Theories and outlandish explanations bubble up to the surface like loads of lard floating in the soup pot. Practically none of it is based on evidence. Major Deception. Major Propaganda Campaign designed to distract and avoid real issues. Yes, we know who and what this means, as facts and Reality lurk in the shadows.

 Wednesday, 23 May. (Moon in lonely limbo in late Virgo. The Sun in Gemini trine Mars in Aquarius, both aspecting Venus / Uranus. 2-3 degrees and 17-18 degrees of All Signs)

What a delightful Song and Dance routine. What a scene stealer. It’s all about You getting noticed, ready to do anything for attention. Cute, even if intrusive. It’s more of a novelty act, but not a show stopper.

 Friday – Saturday, 25-26 May. (Moon lonely in Libra, ready to go for broke in Scorpio. Retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces. 16 degrees and 1 degree of All Signs)

Jupiter is backward, so he can’t help directly, but Neptune is Master of the Indirect Approach, infiltrating and undermining, prepping for the backlash when these two trine again in August. Or, this could be one heck of an Extended Holiday for the Out to Lunch Bunch.  (the Sun in Gemini hard aspects Mars – Uranus / Saturn. 4-6 Mutable, 19-21 Cardinal)

This can be good for Business, staying steady in a constantly shifting environment. But, with a New Kid on the block, how do you adapt? Yeah, another dose of Stress and Strain. Only slow and careful steps can keep up.

(Mercury in Taurus hard aspects Venus in Cancer, both aspecting Saturn in Capricorn, aspecting Uranus / Neptune. 23 Fixed, 8 Cardinal)

The Sweet Talkers trigger Monday’s Giant Complex, trying to dress up Damaged Goods, to pardon the flagrant Wrecking Ball, and to beautify the Ugly Truth. Really? You buy this? Not all facts are on the table. Did you keep the receipt?

In normal times, when Jupiter comes closest to the Earth, the week before the alignment is a time for Push for the Prize, and the week or so after is a time to Reap the Rewards. Due to complicating conditions in the background, these are not normal timesRewards were slim to none and overly select, with attendant hard-liner Push Back. It’s complicated.

Pivot Day was Tuesday, with Jupiter’s closest approach in the wee hours here. A simple example shows the shift, comparing the day before to that day. On Monday, 1st Lady Melania came out of hiding and announced her identity program, fighting cyber-bullying. Derision ensued, since her husband is the world’s leader in such, and she plagiarised Michelle Obama, again! Within the hour, AG Sessions started ripping refugee children away from their parents, pushing to criminalize immigration and reduce it to zero. In Russia, Putin was inaugurated for his 4th time.

On Tuesday, that Bully-in-Chief tore up the complied-with Iran Nuke Deal, inflaming the Middle East except for Israel and Saudi Arabia, offending all allies in the Deal, trashing global confidence in any US agreements. But he pleased his hard-liner base, boostedglobal oil prices, helped Putin meet his promises, saving Russia’s economy.  What a huge gift (others going to China).

As the drum beats louder for War, Israel attacked Iran’s presence in Syria within hours. The scary thing about ditching the deal is, there is no strategy, only a blind promise kept to his base, all else made up on the fly. As US diplomacy keeps getting gutted, Real Money invests in munitions.

Maybe nothing was missing from my assessment of Guliani’s throw-everyone-under-the-bus campaign. It created chaos, crazy-making confusion, a most helpful distraction when gaslighting is the intent. Shifty’s “bag man” offered pay-for-play access to the Whitey House while in bed with a Russian oligarch. Such embarrassment got lost in the subsequent noise over Iran, and the slippery show-meet with NK next month. And, for all the stressed and neglected women out there, Happy Mother’s Day? You are ignored once again with the hoopla of the US embassy moving to Jerusalem, another present to their hard-liner, Netanyahu, shunning Palestinians and igniting dissent all the more. White Flower!

Last week’s 2nd Day of Note was Thursday, Thor’s Day, the cynical crest of this year’s ensuing Push Back wave after Jupiter’s alignment. Shifty’s Chief of Staff insulted immigrants, a WH aide insults war-hero John McCain with no repercussions or apology, and Shifty went on a half hour tirade against his Homeland Security chief because he wasn’t getting his way over the Wall, leaving one more of his staff ready to flee. Aw, again, and again… all the best people.

So, what’s up? I say it’s lurking Saturn, the Sun aspecting Mr Severe again on Monday. Giant Planet Complexes can take months to form and years to dissipate, like we are seeing with the Super Complex, whose core formed in January. The Super Complex has 2 parts, Jupiter aggravating Saturn, and Uranus aggravating Neptune, and both parts keep interacting with each other. Both parts will renew their aggravations, Jupiter-Saturn in September (Law and Order, and Money issues), and Uranus-Neptune (the Creeping Crisis) in June, December and next year in May. The 2nd peak of the Super Complex is in October.

Recent polls say optimism is at its highest since 2007. Thank you, Jupiter. At least the Lac Megantic rail line will be moved out of town. Watch its fall, with stocks, bonds (agreements and commitments, even between close partners), falling by Fall.

In this Mean Time, more volcanoeserupt more (Kilauea threatening to burp fridge-sized hot rocks). More extreme weather hits and hurts (1000s fleeing floods from BC to the Maritimes, from Kenya to Down Under). Again, pushy Jupiter.

In Surabaya, on a Crazy-making Sunday, a family of 6 blew up 3 churches and themselves (mommy loves you all over the place). Shifty praised his cold-hearted mom on Mother’s Day, skips mention of Melania or any ex’s (Jr. praised his soon-to-be-divorced).


This Week: Saturn puts the last of the kibosh on Jupiter’s enthusiasm on Monday. So, take it slow, and take it very carefully, through a slippery, evasive New Moon. It will save a lot of rash upsets by Tuesday night. Midweek yearns for Public notice in the worst way, gaining sense and perspective by Friday. But, by then, too much too stretched, no wonder the what-about-me crabbiness Saturday. If only there was some way to kiss and make up. Sunday? Be generous.


Nota Bene: Coronal holes keep ripping the Face of the Sun, buffeting our magnetosphere. What a so-so charge, exciting aurorae. But not us so much, scrambling to keep up with it all. The Proton Drag on Sunday didn’t help, other than let most of us remain spectators. Thanks, mom, where’s dinner?

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Monday, 14 May. (New Moon expecting too much in Taurus. The Sun in Taurus hard aspects Saturn in Capricorn aspecting Mercury / Neptune. 23-24 Fixed, 8-9 Cardinal)

As Saturn stays close in aspect to Jupiter, tweak one, you get both. Any ‘build up’ these days carries its own ‘tear down’. The New Moonmakes this even more unstable. Mercury’s ‘worry’, though overexcited, offers little solution without extra care to assure that things bent weird go straight. Don’t panic, just get done what you can, let the rest go, not bug ya.


Wednesday, 16 May. (Moon napping in Gemini. Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus. 0 Fixed, 15 Mutable)

What the Hell was that!?” Catching many on their Blind Side, this Snap to Attention builds under the Dark Moon on Tuesday (called New, but not till you see it). Then, with nary a peep, wants notice in the worst way. How rude, neglectful of others. You’ll see why I call this the Mark of the Hitman, cold, callous, unfeeling, despite Neptune’s posturing.


Friday, 18 May. (perigee Moon dense and dull in Cancer. Mercury in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn. 8 degrees and 23 degrees of All Signs)

Brain Fog starts the day, then wildly speculates over any exceptions to every rule. Hmm, a lack of evidence taken way too far, convinced of unknown impossibilities, ripe for Conspiracy Theories, made for Contrarians. Can you give one thing to hold on to? No? Then, take a hike.


Saturday – Sunday, 19-20 May. (fast Moon at ease in Cancer, snappy in Leo. Mars in Aquarius hard aspects Neptune in Pisces. Venus in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus, hard aspects retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio. 0-2 degrees and 15-17 degrees of All Signs and 8 and 23 degrees of All Signs)

At 1st glance, a cluster of connected Aspects. On the 2ndevery Planet is interconnected, melding everything this week with everything next week. This integrates the Giant Planet Super Complex (indicating broad Social issues) with every Personal Planet, including the Sun and Moon. This is totally beyond ‘textbook’, affecting everyone on Earth to some definite degree. The core of this Emotional Upheaval is Saturday afternoon, when the Moon again hits the Hitman Aspect, but this covers 2 weeks! No simple situations. No simple solutions.

It’s complicated, very convoluted. The best I can offer is, Take Care of One Another. Wow, how one little slipup gets magnifiedunder this New Moon. So does a helping hand.


Tuesday, 1 May. (Moon flippant early at the end of Scorpio, unfocused in Sagittarius. The Sun in Taurus hard aspects the Galactic Centre, soft aspects Mars / Uranus. 11 Fixed, 26 Mutable)

Aside from a superficial and short lived attention grab, more deeply this looks like a plot, as if the play is a distraction from hidden intent. More than anything, assume nothing, seek what’s hidden, pin down that batch of slippery eels and weasels or do not deal. “What’s missing here?”

(Venus in Gemini hard aspects Mars in Capricorn, and forms a soft aspect Complex with Jupiter and Uranus, and quincunx Saturn. Mostly 8-9 Mutable, 23-24 Cardinal)

What fun to frivolously follow the leader. But, if you’re in, looking to get away, have you considered costs and consequences? OK, one last time, then split. If you’re out, looking to get closer, “Your demand is my command, my darling”, and worth it, reward awaits.


Wednesday, 2 May. (Moon dreaming in Sagittarius. The Sun in Taurus hard aspects Saturn / Neptune. 12 Fixed, 27 Mutable)

No blood from a stone, no thirst quenched if the well ran dry. Slow down the expectations so they can at least try to catch up, or a flop looms. This is distinctly a matter of timing. Not now! But, a slow and careful later is OK.


Sunday, 6 May. (apogee Moon malicious in late Capricorn. Venus semisquare Uranus in Aries, and square Neptune in Pisces sextile the Sun in Taurus. Primarily 14-15 Mutable,  29 Cardinal – 0 Fixed, but also the same degrees of All Signs)

The Sun feeds energy to threaten alliancestrashing self esteem and confidence. “Hey, there’s egg on your face.” Cuz you put it there. Nasty rumours spawn to divide and conquer. Keep notes, and enough witnesses ready to go publicDon’t slink or stay shy, stand your ground. After all, Venus is our glorious Evening Star, pointing to all things warm and connective, ruling the Constellation she’s in, creative, expressive and deliciously insistent.


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Your Four Personal Points are, in order of importance:

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The Ascendant, also called Your Rising Sign, is more important than your Sun Sign.
Simply, and generally only, forecasts that affect your:
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The Signs of the Zodiac are:
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