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Sunday, Feb 7 2016 , 230PM, Tashi Powers, Evolutionary Astrologer, returns to Olandar to show you how THE YEAR OF THE MONKEY affects you…. 

By attending the Olandar class you will   — 


  1. Get your chart emailed to you and put into the examples for where the NEW MOON falls in your personal chart * must prepay
  2. Learn how the YEAR of the MONKEY affects your Chinese Animal Sign in 2016.
  3. Understand what doors to close and what doors to open for the Total Solar New Moon ECLIPSE, on March 8th 2016.
  4. Put your name in the hat to be used an example for the class for the Eclipse, the Pluto Uranus ongoing squares till 2018, time and size of class will determine how many example we can get to.  You must prepay* to be in the hat.
  5. All will be able to ask questions about the above evolutionary gateways for all in 2016.
  6. Get tips on how each Pluto generation (Pluto sign) can leave behind a more conscious loving planet for others.  *Prepay to have your Pluto sign given to you.
  7. Hear Leigh McCloskey talk about the archetype of the STAR, and how it relates to this NEW MOON.


THIS IS THE DAWNING OF THE AGE OF AQUARIUS.  Come learn about how to be a responsible, truly authentic and loving citizen of the Aquarian Age.  Learn how the Cosmic Clocks which govern your choices are working.  Be more conscious of what is going on in the Natural Law all around you.


  1. Magnetize your highest possibilities.

  2. Promote evolutionary spiritual advancement based on your own horoscope.

  3. Deep relaxation and inner peace.

  4. Notice more synchronicity in your life.

  5. Manifest your intentions in 2016

Your horoscope may be chosen to show examples of success, good relationship aspects, right action, etc.

Get your chart and see what piece of the puzzle you are interfacing with.  Find your pulse in the inter-dependence of all that is.

Either bring your chart or have Tashi print it out for you.  $5.00 is charged for a very nice printout of your natal chart if you prepay before Feb 1, 2016. Tashi will use each pre-ordered chart as examples of where the important configurations in the sky are occurring.

Web Attendance(12$)

If you would like to have a 15-minute private session with Tashi by telephone on the Monday following this event, you may pay an additional $25.00.  A fabulous opportunity to go deeper into your own chart.

15-minute private session with Tashi by telephone on the Monday($25)

Tashi Powers
Evolutionary Astrologer

Evolutionary Astrology Natal Readings $300.00 for first comprehensive mp4 reading.  $150.00 for transits after that.


The STAR archetype by Leigh J McCloskey

The Star Key 17 Leigh J Mccloskey

Time: 2:30PM, 200PM to see the Hieroglyph of the Human Soul
Donation: $20.00
Location: Olandar, Home of Carla and Leigh McCloskey in Malibu,CA
RSVP as Space is Limited

For address, more information and RSVP: or call 310-457-5398

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