Daemon Soul, Jane Goodall, Case Study

Daemon Soul, Jane Goodall, A Case Study by Tashi Grady Powers

Daemon Souls come to the planet with a desire to make it a better place, a place more aligned with Natural Law. A Daemon Soul is usually found surrounded by animals, plants, forests, jungles, oceans or a combination of all of the above.

They don’t always know how to interact socially or how to be comfortable with their fellow humans. Instead they find their capacity for telepathy, compassion, love and affection may resonate more with the animal realm. Many can interact with both, but need animals nearby.

Evolutionary Astrology has a way to identify the signature of a Daemon Soul. The signs of Gemini and its polarity Sagittarius are generally highlighted, as is the polarity of Pisces and Virgo. The entire mutable cross represents the signature of a Daemon Soul.

The Gemini archetype which endows natural curiosity and desire to know all about how Natural Laws work, is heightened in a Daemon Soul who is instinctively connected to Natural Law, using this instinctive knowledge to interact with Creation and gradually remember more about Natural Law.

The Mutable Cross and the Daemon Soul

Jeffrey Wolf Green teaches that “…the function of Gemini/Mercury is to give names and classifications to that which is, to create an intellectual system of organization that allows us to logically order things. Gemini relates to our need to know the physical laws of our world so we can understand how it works. This is tied to our need for security. Naming and classifying things helps us to explain the nature of Creation. Out of this logical organization we are then able to communicate what we have found to ourselves, through our inner thinking process, and to others. “

paraphrased from JWG’s Pluto Vol. 1 and the School’s course) Available on the Evolutionary Astrology Website from the Evolutionary Astrology Glossary

The Gemini-Sagittarius paradigm often matures then, as we see here in Dr. Goodall’s transition from curious young scientist to mature philosopher and teacher/instructor of some aspect of Natural Law.
Virgo and Pisces develop through a state of reflection that allows for complete attunement to the Divine.


To learn how to see the Daemon Soul archetype in these charts let us look at the life of one of world’s most renowned Daemon Souls, Dr. Jane Goodall. A researcher, a primatologist, ethologist, and anthropologist, Jane was celebrated for the forty-five years she spent in Gombe Stream National Park, in Tanzania studying the social and family life of chimpanzees.

Dr. Jane Goodall has Sagittarius rising, and the Moon is also rising, at her birth, and is found on the 12th house side of the Ascendant in Sagittarius, providing a deep, mystical, and compelling need to align her emotional life with Natural Law.

In EA we begin our analysis of a chart with Pluto. Jane’s Pluto is in her 8th house in Cancer, ruled by the Moon in Sagittarius, conjunct her SAG Ascendant. This chart has the powerful intention of Pluto in the 8th house of a soul who always desires to know the ”why” of things, and will dig until they get to the bottom line.

jane goodall sun mars uranus

Jane Goodall Feb 25 1934 11:30 PM Hampstead UK MOON RISINGDAEMON SOUL ~ Jane Goodall Chart

jane goodall's natal chart

With the Sag Moon – ruler of her Pluto – she is learning to trust her emotional intuition.

The 9th house Neptune in Virgo in a grand-square with her Sag Moon, Chiron in Gemini and Mercury in Pisces, shows us the wounds of persecution in her previous incarnations. This tension between Chiron, Mercury and Neptune show us she lacked credentials and thus spent this life getting them, so she could dig professionally without being attacked.

Jane Goodall’s Moon 3 Sag, Pluto 22 Cancer.

 Her Moon and Pluto are in the gibbous phase, a sesquiquadrate aspect of 135 degrees of the entire 360 circle. At this stage the Soul has all the talent that the 120 trine promises. Having done the hard work of the Leonean type of self-expression, and creative self-actualization of the Soul’s purposes, they are celebratory and full of confidences. They can therefore be unprepared for the critical phase of having to discover how to now make all this talent relevant to society. 

Jane certainly had her fair share of slings and arrows that a 135 sesquiquadrate aspect can bring, as she had to overcome criticism and hardships while developing her pioneering strategies, tactics, and foundations. 

Early on in her research, she named the chimpanzees, and many thought this was just plain wrong. Instead they tried to dehumanize the process by simply numbering the animals as subjects. But Jane was drawing on her Moon on the Sag ASC.  It constantly helped her to develop her Daemon Soul instincts, and as she started her "banana club,” she fed the chimpanzees to gain their trust. It was so well received by the chimpanzees that she became closely acquainted with more than half of the reserve's 100 or more chimpanzees. Her detractors said she caused aggression, and food wars, amongst them.

Daemon souls often have this combination of things coming easily but also challenges. They have the destiny to figure out how to bring their innate understanding of Natural Law into their daily life, and will face opposition from small-minded, consensus-clinging individuals.


And if we dare to look into those eyes, then we shall feel their suffering in our hearts. More and more people have seen that appeal and felt it in their hearts. All around the world there is an awakening of understanding and compassion, and understanding that reaches out to help the suffering animals in their vanishing homelands. That embraces hungry, sick, and desperate human beings, people who are starving while the fortunate among us have so much more than we need. And if, one by one, we help them, the hurting animals, the desperate humans, then together we shall alleviate so much of the hunger, fear, and pain in the world. Together we can bring change to the world, gradually replacing fear and hatred with compassion and love. Love for all living beings.” ― Jane Goodall

jane in africaJWG has said about the sesquiquadrate “…it has tremendous tension, and conflict. A soul seeks to accomplish the goals, relative to the vision that it is receiving, and this environmental feedback that feels like rejection. That is why we have these keywords in the gibbous phase of “analysis and adjustment,” because when you meet that environmental feedback in this sociological context, it will necessarily promote an existential and experiential crisis which will lead to analysis.”

jane goodall 1960 transitsAt the age of 26, as Jupiter transited 26 degrees of Sagittarius – the galactic center – Jane left for Africa only equipped with a notebook, a pair of binoculars, patience and her Sagittarian optimism, heightened by Jupiter transiting her first house. She arrived on the shores of Lake Tanganyika is what is now Tanzania, in East Africa, to begin her lifelong mission in July of 1960.

Transiting Uranus at 18 Leo was crossing her natal Nodes of the Moon, located at 16 Leo. The transiting Nodes of the Moon at 18 Virgo were moving over her natal Mercury-Neptune opposition, awakening the dream and persistent desire to understand and communicate with animals, so typical of a Daemon Soul.

Transits 1965

In 1965 transiting Uranus and Pluto are on her natal Neptune, activating her Mercury Chiron, Neptune, Moon grand cross. A transit brings out the natal chord. As her Sun Mars Uranus advises, she did it her way. She received a Ph.D. in ethology in 1965, becoming only the eighth person at Cambridge, who was allowed to pursue a Ph.D. without first earning a baccalaureate degree. Her doctoral thesis, "Behavior of the Free-Ranging Chimpanzee," was a study of her first five years at the Gombe Reserve.

Transiting Neptune entered Sagittarius in 1970, activating Goodall’s double Sag Moon and ASC. From 1970 until1975, Goodall also held a visiting professorship in psychiatry at Stanford University. As Uranus transits Libra it also activated her chart ruler, Jupiter in Libra. Pluto entered Libra in 1972 and triggered Jupiter. In 1973 she was appointed honorary visiting professor of Zoology at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, a position she still holds.

Her ASC is ruled by Jupiter in Libra in the leadership of the 10th house.
jane in africa young
Here we see an accurate portrayal of a soul driven by a need to align with Natural Law of Sagittarius, and become a 10th house community reformer and leader. To follow the life of Jane Goodall is to see how she used her ability to nurture and commune as depicted by the MOON on the Sagittarius ASC.


On February 25, 1977 Goodall established the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI), which supports the Gombe research and is recognized for innovative, community-centered conservation and development programs in Africa along with a global youth program, Roots & Shoots, which currently has over 8,000 groups in over 100 countries. Today, she is a global leader in the effort to protect chimpanzees and sustain their habitats. Jane uses these powerful transits to the Nodes of the Moon to fulfill her desire to help humanity return to a state of balance within Natural Law.JANE GOODALL FEB 25 1977


The transiting South Node of the Moon arrived on Feb 25, 1977 at 6 Aries, exactly on natal Uranus, which rules her Aquarius north node.

  • Saturn is also transiting her Natal South Node in Leo.
  • Transiting Saturn exactly squares transiting Uranus
  • Uranus exactly opposes her skipped step - Ceres

The combination of these transits opened a way for her to establish her 8th house Pluto’s need for global reform and transformation. By forming her institute, she was also providing a foundation, Saturn conjunct the Aquarius Natal North Node of the Moon in Aquarius that the second house resources would need to make changes, and fulfill Pluto’s natal 2nd house polarity point of building a foundation for change.



If you are a Daemon soul…

If you are a Daemon soul, I counsel you to learn the phases of the Moon, and all Planets. It is based on the seed cycle of life. For the Northern Hemisphere, beginning with our new year, at the Winter Solstice, in the sign of Capricorn, the little seed has all of life, and the waters of Aquarius and Pisces nurture the seed until it breaks through the horizon at the equator, and life sprouts in Aries. 

In Taurus and Gemini, the seed flowers and begins to bear fruit, and then the little planet blossoms fully at the Summer Solstice in Cancer. As the Sun now turns back South towards the equator, the fruit continues to ripen and we enjoy and celebrate life fully in Leo and Virgo. At the Fall Equinox, in the sign of Libra, the fruit begins to fall off the trees, and we harvest and enjoy it until, during the passage of Scorpio and Sagittarius, we used it to can and store the extra fruit for winter.

This seed cycle is reflected in the New Moon from Capricorn Winter Solstice to Full Moon at the Summer solstice. The first quarter Moon relates to the Aries Spring Equinox crossing, and the second quarter Moon to the Libra Fall Equinox.

Once a Daemon Soul is in touch with this endless cycle of life they can begin to work with the bigger clocks of the Universe, and Natural Laws become more and more obvious, and are remembered. Emotional choices also come into focus as the Moon cycle becomes a part of your daily awareness.Moon_15_phases

EA teaches that the soul fully experiences the natural consequences of its desires through its emotions.  The emotions deliver a deep experience so that the soul can truly understand its choices, and make better choices that help it evolve. The Jeffrey Wolf Green Evolutionary Astrology School teaches that

“ …in the end, it is about aligning the Soul with the Natural Laws set in motion at the moment of the Manifest Creation. Thus, any human system of organization, whatever its origins and reasons are, will be liberated from, and necessarily so, at some point in the Soul’s ongoing evolutionary journey. The Moon squaring the Nodes is about recovering skipped emotional steps from prior lives that have come forwards into the current life. This must be done before the Soul can evolve in its ongoing evolutionary journey. Rad Zecko

Daemon Souls, like all souls, must ground themselves emotionally for the Moon to mature and function consciously. Some Daemon Souls, depending on their evolutionary state, need to be encouraged in various ways to remember, and accept, what their true natures are. And, from there, to try to design a life that reflects that nature just as Jane Goodall has done. Other Daemon Souls, depending on their evolutionary condition, are fully self-realized from birth. These Souls will naturally design a life that reflects their core Daemon nature in a variety of ways.

Jane Goodall had many emotional encounters with foreigners, animals, organizations.  All of these caused her to dig deep and find the right choices to build a life that mattered. She does not have the Moon as a skipped step. But does have Ceres in Taurus, ruled by the Moon in Sag, and then by Jupiter in Libra, and back to the North Node of the Moon, conjunct Venus in Aquarius.  The complexity of this Planetary chord shows us how she developed her life-long mission and fulfilled her karma and resolved her skipped step, Ceres.


Pluto gylph


Transiting Pluto is currently conjunct its own South Node (using a 5 deg orb).  Observe and correlate as we move toward the exact conjunction on 23rd October 2018 @ 18 Cap 52, with ruler Saturn @ 4 Cap 15. There will also be an exact opposition of Pluto to its own North Node in Cancer on 23rd March 2017 @ 19 Cap/Can. Ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, is on the Galactic Center at 27 Sag. 

So as Pluto conjuncts its own Nodes in 2017 &18, Jane Goodall’s Pluto at 22 Cancer. within 3 degrees of the natal nodes of Pluto, has achieved its evolutionary mission: to transform the world. She has left us an enduring legacy, warnings, prayers and a forum for how to save each other, the animals, and the planet. She has been a tour de force. It remains to be seen if we heed the warnings.

In May of 2107, the inner Planets line up with Pluto.  The Moon at 19 Cancer opposes Pluto at 19 Capricorn on May 28th, creating the fourth leg and a grand cross between Venus & Uranus in Aries opposite Jupiter in Libra.  Saturn, ruler of Pluto’s passage through Capricorn, is also opposed by and Mars in Gemini as Saturn sits on the Galactic Center at 27 Sag, and squared by Chiron at 28 Pisces.  It is important to observe and correlate, watching the world as it is moving towards these big transits. Can we heal our world?  I urge each of us to take small steps, and do our very best to make a difference to clean up the world, to feed the homeless, to shelter and protect animals, etc., etc...

There are many organizations now that care for the well-being of animals, besides her own formidable foundation. She has been an intrepid angel, a pioneer.  And her Pluto in the 8th house stands as a testimony to the power of the individual.  You can make a difference in your own life by learning from hers. Join or help JGI  http://www.janegoodall.org/

There is another worldwide organization that is doing all it can for our animals friends, and it needs all the support and help possible, including donations of money.      

Please visit their website at http://www.worldanimalprotection.org/

thanks for taking the time to read my study on Daemon Soul's from my upcoming ebook Daemon Soul

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