Evolutionary Astrology of The Planet Venus – Inside the book.

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Evolutionary Astrologer Tashi Powers helps reveal the Natural Law of the Venus Pentagram Mandala. Inside you will see a diagram of the forming of the magical pentagrams as we view Venus’s movement in space.  The mysteries of this profound pentagram provide lasting insights for the deepest interpersonal relationships in your life. Historical records of this Pentagram date back over 10,000 years! Tashi has revealed the Natural Law of many of the cycle of Venus.

Historical records of the Venus Pentagram Mandala date back over 10,000 years to Vedic texts about the Ancient Promethean Beings - The Kumari who gave the Kiss of the Fiery Venus Pentagram to Humanity!

The Venusian mysteries of this profound pentagram provide lasting insights for the deepest interpersonal relationships in your life. Sensitivities and awareness to the magnetism of Venus' will accelerate your abilities to give and to receive love.  I wrote Mysteries of the Venus Pentagram because of my enormous appreciation for Natural Law, how it applies to the cycle of Venus and to Evolutionary Astrology. Its chapters illuminate “the hero's journey" each of us must face in experiencing a lifetime, unraveling the expanses of the human heart.

The enclosed, easily-accessible workbook and its detailed diagrams support each reader to integrate the deeper cycles of Venus. I have used my studies with Joseph Campbell to update the Myth of Inanna to elucidate the real meaning of the "underworld", which modern Science teaches us is actually Venus in the Solar Glare.

As these Piscean myths of victimhood fade, we are ready to embrace the sharing, caring and inclusion of Evolutionary Astrology principles as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green's School of Evolutionary Astrology. We are ready to include the Natural Laws of Venus into our daily lives.

I've written Mysteries of the Venus Pentagram so that you can readily journal your experiences regarding Her starlit phases within your life, as well as journal connections with ongoing cherished friends and lifelong lovers.

A workbook accompanies the book so that you can journal the passage of Venus as she moves through Her Retrograde phase, Her Descent as a Morning Star, as well as the Ascent of Venus as an Evening Star. You will be able to correlate Joseph Campbell's Monomyth with the phases of Venus, while also learning more aspects of Natural Law and Evolutionary Astrology.

Tashi makes historical references to Giordano Bruno, Galileo and Copernicus who were all persecuted for discovering Natural Law, as she shows you the impact of the long cycles of Transit of Venus, especially during 1631-639.

Our last Transits of Venus in 2004 and 2012, both of which were visible, connect us all back to these Ancient Astrologers who were persecuted for their discoveries about the cycles of Venus.

And our current Transit of Venus has ignited a great interest in Her Natural Laws, but thankfully we are not being burned at the stake for the enormous reforms we are undergoing.

Instead, we're exceedingly fortunate to study the work of contemporary astrological visionary, Jeffrey Wolf Green.

This book is dedicated to everyone who wants to evolve, and especially to my teacher of Evolutionary Astrology, the very gifted and inspiring - Jeffrey Wolf Green - founder of the school of evolutionary astrology.