Feng Shui with Annie Chen

Go beyond the natal chart, adding the dimension of Chinese Feng Shui and Evolutionary Astrology Vaastu, to identify areas that need curing correcting or boosting.

Here are some tips from Annie Chen

Feng Shui

is about placement, direction and energies known as “chi”.

It is the direction of the chi the flowing of energies the blocking of negative energies and the curing of obstacles and diluting bad effects.

1. If selling a structure or home start on the outside entrance. Make the entrance inviting by placing potted plants or planting them into the ground. make sure their leaves or plants have roundish leaves  and the colours of flowers be vibrant yellows pinks purples and reds are always good.

2. If there is no time to grow a hedge or put up a fence to block fast moving energies or too many head-lights onto the property potted small trees can be used.

3. Create a welcoming entrance into the home. Upon first walking in the front door use art work or mirrors to draw into the house.

4. If there is sluggish energies in narrow hallways use a round faceted any size crystal to deflect so that chi can circulated.

5. Use silk or life potted plants for the kitchen. Never use dried flowers or plants as that adds dead energies.

6. Bright candle as decoration in bathrooms is always good.

7. Make sure all glass windows and door handles are clean.

8. Deflect all sharp corners
(poison arrows) with plants or some lighting feature to soften it.