Check Your Chart, for the Week of 3RD  JULY 2017

by Canadian John Rutherford, Astrologer, reading Your Horoscope since 1971.

Astro-Alarm Bells went off. Not for the event but the timing. A new US political attack ad started showing Monday, suggesting a continuing series easily developing into a propaganda program. It’s all about the timing.

Mars started it. That’s his job, igniting things. He had just given the Go Sign to the Jupiter-Neptune crisis aspect. Any form of Mars with Jupiter signals a kind of ‘war’, a competition, meeting challenges, all in for a win.

Mercury the Communicator started spouting a new brand of vitriol. Instead of setting off on an adventure vacation, a much more workable Personal solution like some friends did, Mercury triggered the ‘leader’, Jupiter, in a crisis-laden complex that included the Moon.

By Sunset, it was a beautiful sight: the Crescent Moon sextile Jupiter, a third of the Evening Sky away. Unseen, below the Horizon and too far away to be seen, was Neptune in crisis aspect to both. This Yod, called the Finger of Fate, is based on the Marks of Success (Moon sextile Jupiter), but its focus is Deception, Distraction, Long on Speculation, Short on Facts (Neptune).

By the next day, a massive cyberattack hit starting in Ukraine, another chemical attack ‘redline’ arose in Syria, the useless but irritating Muslim Ban took partial effect, and the GOP devolved into 5 fighting factions over the stalled repeal of ObamaCare, cancelling the vote. Canada canned its spam bill over privacy problems, and was hit with No Free Trade duties over softwood, curiously threatening 11K US jobs.

More telling to this week’s theme of a Self-Generated Crisis, Pinocchio’s international approval is abysmal. With his vanity constantly on the line, he and his Klan keep destroying all government safety nets, in the name of “freedom”, and stifle all media contacts. And, more alarming, the NRA came out with adspromoting violence. Then, in full-on attacks on “fake news”, spewed fake insults at two media hosts and suggesting violence against CNN.

Like any infantile bully, and with raging Mars so strong in his chart, he only knows attack and assault by any reactive means, nothing thought out, no strategy. That last is starting to hurt, and deeply worry, all involved in international affairs. Out of dozens of countries, his only bigly rise in approval is in Russia.

From the Rules of a Yod, full effects develop when the ‘leader’ (Jupiter) aspects the ‘apex’ (Neptune). That means, if nothing overrides, a major propaganda machine will be in place in the US within 2 years.

The major operative Giant Planets this year are Jupiter, Lord of Lots of Something, opposed disruptive Uranus, starting just before New Year’s, hitting full stride early March, and making their ‘third time is the charm’ aspect in late September. The Sun’s showdown with, and potential to thwart, this Revolutionary Duo starts next week, developing over the following 2 weeks. Then, there’s the August Eclipse on the exact degree of his Ascendant. Pinocchio will then become Supreme Dictator, or this will be a supreme mess, lasting till Jupiter aligns with Saturn in late 2020 after the next US federal election.

By Friday eve, as the Moon aligned with Don’t Care Jupiter, all seemed to relax going into a Holiday weekend. But, the deep damage and the malicious incitements had been done.


This Week: As an augury, Canada Day found the Moon aligning with relatively comfy Jupiter, considering. US Independence Day occurs this year exactly when Jupiter, symbol of the Leader, is in crisis aspect to Neptune, the Distracted Pest. And, the Moon, symbol of Public Support, is apogee, most distant. Even its neighbours are pulling away.

            The Sun aspects, pumps up, feeds energy to, those Two Giants in crisis, right when the Moon is so out of touch, on Wednesday. Get out of town or out to lunch. It’s that kind of day. The next day, Thursday, the slow poke Moon aligns with stick-in-the-mud Saturn. This is one week that is Not a Goer. Cinch your ginch for a week of Nots and Knots. Or not, if/since we all backed off this Metchosin (a Big Stinking Fish). Take off, eh?


Nota Bene: The Not-So-Primitives are making a comeback. Protons stayed lower, so the Sun can again play a more Developed role, not like the Primitive Slog that ramped up in February.

            Uranus’ magnetosphere opens and closes every day. “The magnetic field tumbles very fast, like a child cartwheeling down a hill…” Haven’t Astrologers been saying something like that about Mr Chaos for over a century?

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Monday, 3 July. (slow Moon lost in a dream in Scorpio. Venus in late Taurus hard aspects Jupiter in Libra. 29 Fixed, 14 Cardinal)

Not fully triggered till the morrow late, this makes for genial pleasantries. But, what’s the point unless a Selfish Indulgence? So, grab an ear of sweet stuff and butter up your corn.


Tuesday – Wednesday, 4-5 July. (apogee Moon a spoiled brat in Sagittarius. Mercury in late Cancer hard aspects Uranus in Aries and Neptune in Pisces, 28-29 Cardinal, 13-14 Mutable)

This makes no sense, nor has a point other than a lot of noise to grab attention. Once you have it, then what? One more False Alarm, the Boy crying Fake Wolf, alienates more than it alerts.

(the Sun in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces but square Jupiter in Libra. 14 Cardinal, 29 Fixed)

Jupiter can be great at Bluff and Bluster, but this works the opposite. Bold and Brazen has worn thin. Circumstances now dictate more Pomp with decorum, after another insensitive outrage. How can you play the part if you don’t act the part?


Thursday, 6 July. (sluggish Moon humbled in Sagittarius. The Sun in Cancer soft aspects Venus / Uranus. 15 Cardinal, 0 Mutable)

“But, I was doing what I usually do?” Yeah, well, that too has limits. Since this Diva Clash is all about you, it’s the others who have them. The same old dance is fine, but boring, needs an upgrade, since your audience is shrinking.

(Mercury in Leo sextile Venus in Gemini, both aspecting Saturn / Neptune. 2 degrees and 17 degrees of All Signs)

This Yes really means No. In sales, this is called the Nice Guy routine, so pleasant and cordial, “Yeah, it’s OK, fine, good enough…”, right out the door. It’s the Bum’s Rush.


Saturday, 8 July. (Full Moon full, or full of it, in Capricorn. The Sun in Cancer. 17 Cardinal, 2 Mutable)

There are Full Moon’s! You know, the ones that sparkle or shake or push and drive. This ain’t one of ‘em, just a bright night light that separates this week from that. Pay Attention!


Nota Bene: Primitive vs. Advanced levels of expression for the Signs of the Zodiac have been discussed for centuries. We are beyond textbook now, linking Proton Storms to Primitive levels of Astrological expression. In other words, when protons reign, much gets reduced, closer to basic instincts.

These storms cannot be predicted yet. Only continuing observations help refine the forecasts. See, Astrology is not fortune telling, but more like an Emotional Weather Report.

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