Check Your Chart, for the Week of 17 April, 2017

by John Rutherford, Astrologer, reading Your Horoscope since 1971.

Besides the usual befuddle-duddle-ment of Mercury the Thinker going retrograde, like the Sean Spicer stupidity or the United Air PR disaster, there were two main scenarios that came out of Monday’s Full Moon. The Lunation hit the transition from Solar opposition to Jupiter, the Big Boy closest to the Earth, to conjunction with Uranus, Mr Crazy at his most distant, or out of it, if you will.

Both of these are alignments with the Sun, so both events are of major influence. The one with Jupiter the Friday before let Agent Orange look presidential, for a moment, using the last President’s battle plan to a ‘T’. Then, the Full Moon highlighted the transitionfrom measured and considerate to expedient and slapdash.

The Jupiter one was for Good Show, to outwardly send a message. The Uranus one, late on the 13th, was a Big Show, to cover a lack of one, while an internecine battleraged. A FISA warrant was granted on a 45 advisor last July, suspected with sufficient evidence to be working for a foreign country, i.e. a spy. The FBI was tipped off by intelligence from 7 allied countries. Also, partly because of, continuing investigations into Russian meddling has created ever more aggressive evasions and distractions. The WH suddenly won’t say who visits anymore.

As son-in-law Kushner becomes more the ‘acting prez’ dealing with practicalities, but faced with lying over his security clearance, Mr Agenda Bannon is getting pushed aside. Dropping the Mother of all Bombs mere hours before the Uranus alignment took all public attention away from the Mother of all Bust-ups in cohesion, coordination and confidence, both public and private. As popularity keeps dropping, any excuse to look ‘tough’ is a boost. Why else would the Crazed Magpie chase every shiny thing, follow advice from the last-one-in-the-room, and change stance on 5 major issues? NATO is now not “obsolete” because he says so?

Uranus can be either an infantile Narcissist-in-Chief or a cool, neutral Arranger. Sometimes you can use Tantrums to gain the second but overuse quickly loses trust. Dropping confidence in the US is expected to chill tourism $7.4B this year. It’s the Boy Who Cried Wolf thing, as we have seen. And, when you pit one Big Baby against another, well, we now have North Korea, whose leader with Big Plans fired off another dud. Thanks, hackers.

As Venus turns from Burn to Spite and Malice, we will soon see more examples of those who got burned coming too close to the Celebrity, er, the Sun. Baby Kim gets to bury his. Vanity, as in Venus retrograde, can be cruel. Magpies want shiny and gloriousstuff, not gritty Reality. The Thug Apprentice drove in the back way to Marred-a-Lotto, avoiding protestors demanding his tax returns.

And, huge questions arise (Mercury retrograde) over competence as to why Big Baby was so inept putting together the Easter Egg Roll, or how legitimate was Erdogan’s Vanity Push for power.

Meanwhile, for contrast, Canada tabled an end to cannabis prohibition (to go through many changes under Mercury retrograde if it is to work at all before 1 July, 2018), and honoured Malala and her Human Rights with honourary citizenship. O’Reilly is still on vacation. In local US elections, Dems savour growing backlash fever, soon to be mirrored in Turkey.


This Week: With Venus just turned, we will need a while to see how Crunched Romance scraps the old to make way for someone new. The Sun stirs more doubts and questions than definitives and certainties. Then, late Wednesday, Mercury scrapes backward across his Face. Duties and personal traditions be hanged on Friday, desperate for something new. Double negatives reign useless quibbles and doubts Saturday. Seek quiet solace Sunday.


Nota Bene: All work and no play? All drag and no spark doesn’t help either. The draggy bits lightened a bit midweek and on the weekend, helping the post Full Moon post Equinox holiday some. Chocolate helps. For too many, what bunny poo.

            At least, we know Uranus the Diva can respond, sometimes, taking a double Solar blast to show the strongest aurorae ever seen. At 92 AU, Dee Dee the new Dwarf is too far for that.

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Monday, 17 April. (Moon wondering in Capricorn. The SUN in ARIES trine Saturn in Sagittarius, hard aspects Neptune in Pisces, both hard aspecting retrograde Mercury / Uranus. 27-28 degrees and 12-13 degrees of All Signs)

So many have hard questions without hard or satisfying answers. Perhaps you are asking the wrong ones, of the wrong people, about inappropriate issues? Little satisfies under this, and its perplexities persist. Best answer: back off, let it sit and develop in its own confusion.


Tuesday, 18 April. (Moon snapping to attention in late Capricorn. The Sun in Aries soft aspects retrograde Mercury / Saturn. 29 Cardinal, 14 Mutable)

See (see above), some conundrums solve themselves by simply leaving them sit. Let your Auto Pilot do the work. Chill, and resolutions come much easier, if they need be resolved at all.


Wednesday, 19 April. (Moon befuddled in Aquarius. Retrograde Mercury aligns with the Sun in Taurus, both soft aspecting Jupiter / Neptune. 0 Fixed, 15 Mutable)

Some questions defy concrete answers, unless hairs are infinitely split or if only special conditions apply. Some issues defy resolution, since both sides are ‘right’ in their opinions. This alignment starts two weeks of Brain Storms. Let ‘em rip, but ya can’t build on them yet.


Friday, 21 April. (Moon casual in late Aquarius, cranked in Pisces. Venus in late Pisces square Saturn in late Sagittarius, both hard aspecting Mars / Uranus. 27 Mutable, 12 Fixed)

The urge for Freedom and Expression is in lockdown, feels like prison. Little hurts the Spirit so much as Desire denied, Credit stolen, Sentiment abused, or Appreciation unaccepted. So, when the Door you keep knocking on is shut, seek another opening.


Saturday, 22 April. (Moon dissatisfied in Pisces. Retrograde Mercury in late Aries hard aspects Neptune in Pisces. 28 Cardinal, 13 Mutable)

You can’t nail Jello to a wall, so why try? This not only is but stays slippery, elusive, evasive, and ultimately unsolvable in any material sense. Though, for a Seeker, we’re off to the Wild Blue, yonder. Drift and Dream, but not when driving.

(Mars in Gemini hard aspects Jupiter in Libra. 1 Mutable, 16 Cardinal)

Before you race, tie your laces. Jump Starts miss pertinent details, like Whose race are you in, what really lies ahead, where is the destination? Put Good Energy into ample preparation 1st.


Those most-conned Trumpty Dumpties were upset but, hey, Reality has its way. As Mercury took its pause, let’s stop for a while and mull this over. And, on that note, I’m back to contemplations with the incarnation of the first Lama I studied with. It’s time to take Jupiter’s grandest gifts inward (Mercury retrograde), digest and assimilate his benefits.

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Work with Venus retrograde….   

retrograde Venus in Aries

If you want the “horrible-scopes”, go somewhere else.  If you want the meaning behind them, stay on.

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