Check Your Chart, for the Week of 12th of JUNE 2017

by Canadian John Rutherford, Astrologer, reading Your Horoscope since 1971.

 Nothing exists without context. Therefore, analysis and appreciation of this week’s events are sadly superficial. At times, subtle differences can greatly shift the outcomes.

Case 1: He “lies, plain and simple.” With that on the Full Strawberry Moon Thursday, fired FBI chief James Comey laid out the start of a case for Obstruction of Justice, as expected, and alluded to in the forecast. The powerful juggernaut that is the US Legal System is starting to move, and will soon gain momentum with tremendous force.

Pinocchio was not under investigation when he pled for loyalty, and “hoped” Comey would stop the Flynn case (T, Jr., verified). He is now. Invoking the Toddler Defense (he’s new, doesn’t know better) ignores obvious moves to intimidate. The Spin Storm, saying he was vindicated, “no collusion, no obstruction, he’s a leaker”, pumps his base but grossly misleads on the developing process. And, wilfully distracts from, “The Russians interfered in our election.”

Anti-Sharia rallies, really anti-Muslim rallies, over the weekend, threatening violence, are part of his My Win At All Costs. Confidence in the US as the World’s Leader, and in the stabilityof its leader, are now suspect. Pinocchio is in Defensive Secrecy Mode, his agenda toast, his team looking for escapes, many top pros declining to help serve the President.

Case 2: UKs PM May was confident in March (as above), and called a snap election. Jupiter had just opposed Uranus, setting the stage for Yuge Disruptions and Changes (also, above). Cornered ISIS lashed out at the UK and many others, even Iran. The election was a “spectacular failure” mere months later. A defiant Hard Brexit is now soft and squishy.

Case 3: Qatar and the Saudis are long rivals. After Pinocchio signed promises to the Saudis ($110B in arms sales a publicity stunt), they blackballed Qatar, pushing them closer to Iran and Turkey. But, Qatar hosts a major US military base, a glaring detail Pinocchio missed. And, 100K+ cases of cholera in besieged Yemen complicates the latest Middle East fracturing.

Case 4: Fractured BC politics soon will test confidence and stability of a thin coalition. A No Confidence vote is poised, another election threatened.

Case 5: A couple in love, both young, attractive, poised, and with kids, talk settling down. But, she has freedom-loving Uranus in the House of Marriage and he won’t yet get divorced. Hmm #1, it gets complicated, as fractures loom without an attitude shift.

The current operative Giant Planet Complex of Jupiter opposed Uranus, both in stabilizing aspects to Saturn, will soon see, is already feeling the influence of, the 4th Giant, Uranus, getting involved. By aspecting Neptune, disruptive Uranus links All Four Giant Planets in a Super-Complex, having great Public, Social and Interpersonal Influence.

This Point of Unconsciousness dissipates, if not blatantly fracturescohesion and coherence. It starts in August, strongly ramps up when Fall begins, and more loosely follows through for 2 years. Hmm #2, it already seems to be working. Hmm in general, how interesting.

This Week: Like the two faces of the Arts, Saturn brings High Drama and Low Humour. Closest to Mother Earth very early AM Thursday, choices clarify if we’ve done our homework, but punishment ensues if we haven’t. So, practice and polished is the Order of the Week, or just shut it down, finish it off, back away, stop, slow all down, and/or decide finally to walk away. Is that clear enough? This is a Major Deciding Moment, Tuesday’s petty quibbles notwithstanding.


Nota Bene: Primitive has stayed Primitive. In the wearing and tearing of Protons, last week saw no reprieve.

            Simply, Jupiter means Go or Yes, Saturn means Stop or No. Who gets What depends on Where in your Horoscope. Contact  or call (604) 553-3112 for your Natal Horoscope. Astrologers Plan It. Plan yours.


Monday – Tuesday, 12-13 June. (Moon reveals too much in late Capricorn, over-explains in Aquarius. Mercury in Gemini hard aspects Uranus in Aries, then trine Jupiter in Libra, square Neptune in Pisces. 12-14 degrees and 27-29 degrees of All Signs)

Triggered midday Mondaykeep it light, friendly and pleasant or you will be forever back-tracking, explaining what never needed to be loosed. Like a bare-breasted moment at the Super Bowl, denying such embarrassment draws attention all the more.


Wednesday – Thursday, 14-15 June. (Moon cool, collected in Aquarius. The Sun in late Gemini opposed, and Venus in Taurus hard aspects, Saturn in late Sagittarius. 24 Mutable, 9 Fixed)

“It’s Crunch Time, Captain.” Put up, put out, or shut up! Like Mars, Saturn is All In, committed, or All Out, this won’t happen. Bluffs get called, and punished if not delivered, despite Venus’ soothing. On the other hand, what a superb moment to show how legitimate pros are practiced, polished, and perfect for the job. Take a Determined Stand, or build a Wall.


Friday – Saturday, 16-17 June. (Moon obsessed in Pisces (early Friday), followed by head-banging in Pisces. Neptune stationary in Pisces, turning retrograde. 14 Mutable, 29 Cardinal)

Playing Make Believe is a trap for believers. As the Moon aligns early morn, Trivial Pursuit is a game, entertainment, not a way of life. Keep it irrelevant and irreverent lest you fall into the Spider’s Web and get hopelessly entangled. I suggest sleeping in with a purpose.

(the Sun in Gemini opposed the Galactic Centre, soft aspects Mars / Jupiter, Saturn / Uranus, then Mars / stationary Neptune. 25-26 Mutable, 10-11 Fixed)

Keep this uncomplicated. Start early, when things will work well, and finish early, when they start to not. This later building of tension comes by stressing the unworkable or impractical. It’s Friday; out of gas is out of gas and that’s a fact excuses and promises can’t change.


Sunday, 18 June. (Moon comfy in Aries. The Sun in Gemini sextile Uranus in Aries. 27 degrees and 12 degrees of All Signs)

Rekindle the sense of Your Neighbourhood. The best way to get things going, yours and others, is to mix and mingle with all those most familiar. Reconnecting with those you know already is the easiest gateway to a Greater Community and its Higher Ups. Leverage your base.

(Mercury in Gemini opposed Saturn in Sagittarius. 24 Mutable, 9 Fixed)

Rife with picky, petty quibbles, Mercury (triggered Friday eve) natters for the sake of noise, needs a dose of Comeuppance. Reality will kick in with steel toes. Hard Hats or Hangover is your choice. With the above, stay flexible to stay on target.

Nota Bene: Primitive vs. Advanced levels of expression for the Signs of the Zodiac have been discussed for centuries. We are beyond textbook now, linking Proton Storms to Primitive levels of Astrological expression. In other words, when protons reign, much gets reduced, closer to basic instincts.

These storms cannot be predicted yet. Only continuing observations help refine the forecasts. See, Astrology is not fortune telling, but more like an Emotional Weather Report.

            Contact  or call (604) 553-3112 for your Natal Horoscope. Please get an update before your stuff hits the fan. Astrologers Plan-It. Plan yours.


Monday, 5 June. (Moon wanting more in late Libra, ready in early Scorpio. Venus in late Aries hard aspects Neptune in Pisces. 29 Cardinal, 14 Mutable)

Is this game: Hard to Get, or Hard to Want? More doubts and questions than satisfaction. Stop playing niceto get Good Results. Any hesitation is a weakness to be used to advantage. If they didn’t say “no”…

(Mercury in late Taurus hard aspects Jupiter in Libra. 28 Fixed, 13 Cardinal)

Make your move too soon, you won’t get there. Blab to any and all, what a waste. Beat the bushes, startle the prey, but the richest target isn’t ready for stuffing for two more days.


ThursdayFriday, 8-9 June. (apogee Full Moon tired in Sagittarius. The Sun in Gemini aspects Mercury / Mars (Thurs), hard aspects Saturn / Neptune (Fri). 18-19 Mutable, 3-4 Fixed)

Strike quick and deep, then quit, walk away; let the wound take care of the rest. Say your piece, just the facts without extras, or worry over consequences. They’ve been a long-time coming, will take a long time going. Stretch this out, or hope it works the way you want, to your peril.

(Venus in Taurus sextile Mars in Cancer. 3 degrees and 18 degrees of All Signs)

Normally this is a natural Turn On, and will be, even if delayed, for all it touches. But, also hard aspecting Saturn / Neptune, Venus is caught up somehow, feels stifled, and wants a way out of questionable commitments. To break free, break something.

(Jupiter stationary, turning direct in Libra. 13 Cardinal, 28 Fixed)

Now, later-Libra gets its turn, to indulge more, Grab to Get and get away with it. For the Moment, no, but it’s coming, start banking on it. Give it over a week before upping the expectations. Next week is Saturn’s Crunch.


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