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Weekly Free Horoscopes 2017

by John Rutherford, Canadian Astrologer Fall Equinox  2017 Forecasts Sooner or later, you can NOT keep upping the ante. Nobody can. Something has to break. Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, it does. Again. Last week, multiple times, focusing on, targeting 2 days, Tuesday and Saturday. As always, it’s on the lead-up. Three disasters and a farce hit Tuesday: another quake hits Mexico, another […]

June 21, 2017 Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice occurs this year at 023 am June 21, 2017 EDT and this is the chart Astrologers have used for centuries to examine the  Summer Solstice.   Neptune is rising.  The influence of an outer Planet on the ASC is complex.  We have been integrating a Neptune Jupiter quincunx between Pisces and Libra […]

The Summer of the Jupiter and Neptune Quincunx

Jupiter Direct 2017 see diagram below, Neptune Retrograde all summer.       ♥The energies of these Planets support a re-balancing in relationships this summer. ⊗Making time for yourself in balance with the ability to be truly considerate and 100% present when you are interacting with others. is the best approach to this complex chord of […]

Mercury Retrograde 2017

What is the meaning of Mercury Retrograde  in VIRGO & LEO 24 JULY MERCURY SHADOW 28   LEO 7-Aug Lunar Eclipse 15 AQ /LEO   21-Aug   Solar Eclipse 28 LEO   12/13-Aug Mercury RX 11   Virgo   6-Sep   Mercury Direct 28   LEO Shadow begins July 24th THE ENTIRE MERCURY RX lasts through 5/6th September 2017 […]

10 RX PERIODS 2017

Retrogrades are time for issues to be re-lived, re-viewed, re-visited, and if resisted, repeated, in order to be fully resolved. The retrograde energy brings out a rebellion  from whatever conditioning is influencing us… Inward, downward & backward to arrive = individuation.  Authenticity.  Integrity.  Responsibility.  Enriching.  AIRE Individuation must involve embrace true authenticity.  Meditate –Share – […]