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Venus Retrograde Stationary Periods 2017

VENUS RETROGRADE DATES  WATCH THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE  Venus enters the Shadow territory on January 29th at 27 Pisces  Venus goes Retrograde March 05th at 13 Aries  Venus is stationary at  12 Aries for five days February 24 – 28th  Then at 13 Aries March 1st to the 6th at RX on March 5th  Venus […]

Full Moon JANUARY 12, 2017

The Full Moon of JANUARY 2017 lands with the Moon at 22 CANCER this year.  THE MOON joins a planetary t-square chord that makes a more intricate and complex dynamic for the Full Moon Energies.   Mercury, the planet of communication, is NOW moving FORWARD. It takes until Jan 29th for Mercury to exit the REVIEW territory, so […]

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Check Your Chart, for the Week of 6 March, 2017 by Vancouver, Canada based- John Rutherford.  Astrologer, reading Your Horoscope since 1971. Oh my, wasn’t that cute, he acted like a president, until he didn’t, of course, again. Tuesday evening, the Moon aligned with Venus, Goddess of Love and Appreciation, sweetening the atmosphere. Tuesday evening, […]