Weekly Free Horoscopes 2017

by John Rutherford, Canadian Astrologer

Fall Equinox  & October  2017 Forecasts

So, the unmanageable f’ing moron, Klan Leader of the used-to-be Free World, treats Foreign Relations as a game show, his tweet storms so distress his cabinet they form a Suicide Pact, his diplomatic corps flee in droves, and the Disaster A Week Show can’t wait for reruns?

NAFTA, like politics from here to Catalonia, is fragile. Long held, dug in stances, are flipping, like both US parties, and Can. Cons on the pipeline. What with nuclear extinction and climate chaos looming, damn, it’s time for a break.

The Fracturing, Undermining, Point of Unconsciousness, the intersection of Uranus and Neptune, reigns in the background for the next two weeks, with foci next weekend and the following Thursday’s Welcome to Chaos New Moon. Humane sensibilities (Nep) are being chilled (Ura). Every group’s cohesion (Ura) is being weakened, subverted (Nep).

The primary solution, taking much time and cautious planning, is persistent, meticulous patch and repair. If you thought you had an agreement, check it again and again, repeatedly reinforce weakened connections.


This Week: On the surface, this week (and the next) will seem slow to boring, except for a prompted and planned (from habit?) flash of excited distraction. Don’t believe it on its Face, as many of us are learning to do. Such spin deflects from deeper issues left unresolved, or maliciously promoted.

 Nota Bene: Sunday, Mercury aligned with the Sun, shifting gears from quibble to co-ordination. Typically, as the alignment approached, the Sun erupted with an explosion (a CME), pumping up the transition.

Monday, 9 October. (Moon dreamy in Gemini. The Sun in Libra soft aspects Mars / Neptune. 16-17 Cardinal, 1-2 Mutable)

You want it when? Ha ha, as if, if ever. This lacks motivation, objective and endurance. Wandering aimlessly through an open field, in this context, is therapy, letting go, not a goal.

 Tuesday – Thursday, 10-12 October. (Moon stuck, helpless in Gemini, till hitting a boiling point in later Cancer. Mars in late Virgo square Saturn in late Sagittarius, Mercury supports from late Libra. 22-23 degrees and 7-8 degrees of All Signs)

Not that serious but enough, frustrating, punishing in intent, triggered early Tuesday. Hammer out the difficulties before proceeding, if you can. Careful, targeted focus allows the only progress.

 Friday, 13 October. (Moon complacent in Leo. The Sun in Libra soft aspects Venus / Neptune. 20 Cardinal, 5 Mutable)

Nudged, not really triggered, Thursday, this lets us go, “Hum, that’s a possibility.” This opens doors but can’t close them yet. This offers hidden options worth pursuit. Consider, not decide.

 Saturday – Sunday, 14-15 October. (Moon receptive in Leo. Mercury in late Libra opposed Uranus in late Aries, hard aspecting Neptune in Pisces, hard aspecting Sun / Jupiter. 26 Cardinal, 11 Mutable)

Perfect for a Propaganda Rally, priming the passions of the highly partisan, and pissing off the neighbourhood. Words have power to ignite and incite. These are potent, disturbing, upsetting. Please consider what such declarations of Self Interest does to others.

(the Sun in late Libra sextile Saturn in late Sagittarius. 23 degrees and 8 degrees of All Signs)

Allowed, not triggered, over the weekend, this consolidates position and control, permitting business as usual, no matter how unusual (per above). In short, you’re stuck with this for now, good or bad, without a radical change.


Next week: New Moon’s are supposed to be unstable, insecure, a Time that Changes. Uranus, Mr Obnoxious Upset, is closest to Mother Earth, aspecting Neptune, the Persistent Pest. Keep reactions to Thursday’s Explosive Outed Rage to yourself, if you can, until after midday, to see where the dust settles and the snipes scurry. If it’s you, get help, don’t keep pushing it away.

 Tuesday, 17 October. (Moon eager in late Virgo and receptive in Libra. Venus in Libra aspects Uranus – Neptune. 4 Cardinal, 19 Fixed, 26 Cardinal, 11 Mutable)

A minor aspect elevated to a level of concern over one’s Personal Life. Romance, Personal Care and Concerns are rising. But first, what about all those old habits and attitudes that distract? The Dark Side is part of the picture. Help is there for the asking. Share to overcome.

(Mercury aligns with Jupiter in Scorpio. 1 Fixed, 16 Mutable)

Both of these are in an intensely deep realm. Jupiter buffers and protects so, the deeper you allow probes and questions, the greaterthe smoothing and healing. Just spout to grab attention, you miss the point. Make it and follow through further than expected. Go deeper!

 Thursday, 19 October. (New Moon shaken, distraught in Libra. The Sun in late Libra opposed Uranus in late Aries hard aspecting Neptune in Pisces. 26 Cardinal, 11 Mutable)

The culmination of this year’s Outrages and Upsets. It’s all on the table now. All that’s left is, “Where next?” Mr Nice Guy can no longer be afforded, manners be hanged, after this. Serious issues need more than serious considerations. Serious actions now need serious amalgamation to go forward. Soon will come, “What side are you on and what are you going to do about it?

 Sunday, 22 October. (Moon stuck on consequences in Sagittarius. The Sun in the last of Libra hard aspects Jupiter – Uranus. 29 Cardinal, 14 Mutable)

This is the transition from All That Rabble, the disordered mob, the chaos, those petty and spiteful upsets, to settling them down and proceeding on a set course. Disruption has reigned. Now, where’s the building? Those that gather the most allies and support, chart the course.

(Mercury in Scorpio hard aspects Saturn in late Sagittarius. 8-9 Fixed, 23-24 Mutable)

Triggered early, hard and committed decisions already made, how do you keep them? Ready to pay the consequences, or stay dull, blocked? Living with What Is is the core of this meditation.

October 2, 2017

She wanted to know about her son, not heard from for days on Puerto Rico. After 2 hurricanes, it was ferociously destroyed. Many still, after 11 days now, without water, food, power, or any way to keeps things cool (like self or food or medicines) in the oppressive heat. That was 6 days ago, and she still hasn’t heard.

The mayor of San Juan, PRs capital, pled for help. “People are dying here.” After her home flooded, she’s living on a cot, yet she still goes out daily, wading waist deep in sewage-tainted water at times, doing what she can to help.

A relief speaker for the US called the effort a “Good news story”. “Dammit, it’s a people dying story.” Simply for complaining, she gets attacked. Having a terrible week, Pinocchio lashes out at any and all. Just by Tuesday: ZombieCare died again. He loses bigly in Alabama as his Deplorables voted for the more-alt Theocrat, signalling the growing civil war in the GOP between Right and Wow. NK calls his bombast “a declaration of war”.

Facebook submits 1,000s of ads bought by Russia to foment anger and dissent during the US election. Silent on Puerto Rico, he doubles down on the NFL, doing his best to divert focus from overt racism and police abuse to flag patriotism. He praises almost all-white NASCAR (what’s the one black driver going to say?).

Wednesday, “Like a dam breaking, it starts with a crack, before it becomes a flood.” Six of his inner circle, including the daughter he’d like to date, used private e-mail for government business. Special Counsel Mueller is looking into IRS records (Show Your Taxes). The Twit flooded Twitter over not only the NFL but PRs mayor. 1,000s of Puerto Ricans (US citizens) will soon flood Florida as refugees in the next few weeks, 100s of times more in a year or so. He wants to cut immigration to 45K/yr but 3.4M from PR are US citizens.

Saudi Arabia will let women drive, in a year or so, alarming its Fumble Mentalists. The Kurds voted for independence, alarming Iraq, Iran and Turkey. Catalonia wants the same, alarming Spain. Rohingya refugees top half a million, alarming Burma, Bangladesh, and the rest of the world.

Wednesday! The clash of Social Issues, the core of this year’s Super Complex. The Racist Dotard submitted a tax plan to eliminate Inheritance Tax, favouring the Rich the most, and cutting $0.4T from Medicare and $1T from Medicad, hurting the poor the most. He brags otherwise.

“They want everything done for them”, said the Elitist Prez about Puerto Rico, as he had guilded tea at his guilded golf course. Then he fires his Health Secretary (the Price wasn’t right) for extravagant travel expenses, as other billionaire cabinet members do the same. “The midweek wild, wide swings of trust and security, or lack thereof, prove distinctly disappointing.” Indeed. More than the US Secretary of State seems to be wasting time trying.

One attack was organised, one crazed, as Religious Terrorists struck Marseille and Edmonton. After Venus aspected the Fractured Duo, this was meant to be up close, Personal.


This Week: We are not nearly over with the Fractured Two, much less the Giant Planet Super Complex, yet. As whole populations, companies, families, and individuals start to reorder their lives, MondayTuesday seeks to disappoint, unless it can settle on tangible results. Then, Friday eve brings it all back into question, as crazy Uranus aspects irritating Neptune, both retrograde.

            But, speaking of changes, how’s your Love Life? Slim to none? Thursday’s Full Moon highlights the Lovers, as Venus aligns with Mars. Maybe that so-stable partnership needs to be turned on its head. Under too much of “Something has to break”, how else to find a new partner, or adjust the old one? Venus flaunts her appeal for over a month. Mars yearns to help.


Nota Bene: Magnetostorms blew and aurorae glowed for days after Tuesday. The very sensitive ducked under their covers, wondering “What’s wrong?” It wasn’t you. It was the Heavens acting up again.

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Monday – Tuesday, 2-3 October. (Moon takes too much for granted in Pisces. The Sun in Libra hard aspects Jupiter – Uranus / Saturn. 9-10 Cardinal, 24-25 Fixed)

The Moon wants to believe. Jupiter-Uranus wants to promise and promote bigly. But, old, slow, stand-offish Father Time will deliver a dose of delay, if not denial, for not paying homage to Reality, what’s really there, and what’s practical. Any combo with Jupiter and Saturn slows, or painfully separates (Sat), from, what was expected to be easy, sleazy, or soon. Extra Stress and Tension (Sat-Ura) ensues. Good for Business Negotiations. A strain on Personal Affairs.

ed.  Our prayers go out to those who died in Las Vegas and those who were wounded.  The Ingress chart for this quarter shows sudden and unexpected violence is possible.  Prayers for peace and sanity.


Thursday, 5 October. (Full Moon overly convinced in Aries. The Sun in Libra. 12 Cardinal, 27 Fixed)

Opposed Mercury, the Moon stifles discourse and dissention. “Shut up, my mind’s made up!” The Moon always recommends what you need, not what you already have. There is plenty of Ego, the Sun. Reach out to someone, pay enough attention to others.

(Venus aligns with Mars in Virgo, the Constellation of Leo. 19 Mutable, 4 Fixed)

This releases a lot of the lusty bits, those Hunger Games that must be satisfied or else, to some. Triggered insistently Tuesday, we are already in the Throes of Passion, the pain to release. A pleasure for some. Some use others. Some hit the gym. I use my bike to go shopping.


Friday, 6 October. (fast Moon highly agitated in late Aries, frustrated in Taurus. Retrograde Uranus in late Aries hard aspects retrograde Neptune in Pisces. 27 Cardinal, 12 Mutable)

Both Giant Planets have something going backward (Uranus’ spin; Neptune’s moon), so does a double retro mean progress? Not exactly. The Point of Unconscious Fracture broaches conventions, if not boundaries. This signals more secrecy through window-dressing. Accept nothing at Face Value, expect Hidden Agendas. If you suspected but don’t see it now, it’s still going on. This is the hard core of what erupted August 11th. Another, lesser, core hits December next year. Renovation Time, but no DIY! Even good buddies can gum it up.


Sunday, 8 October. (perigee Moon ready to submit in Taurus. Venus in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius. 22 Mutable, 7 Fixed)

Enough with the coy hints, or provocative flirtations. Take this on, but keep it secret for a week. ‘Submit’ is not surrender, unless you want to feel guilty about such a delicious offer. ‘Settle’ is more a finishing concept than coming up short. Like a ninja, keep the focus on target, make your move, only That One needs to know.

(Mercury aligns with the Sun in Libra. 15 Cardinal, 0 Mutable)

Gripey, crabby and critical days before the aspect, but ready to exchange, interact, and play afterWhere diehards quibbled for days, this shifts gears toward better discourse and interaction. Why, some might even get along, maybe agree to something. Make the Deal.


Sooner or later, you can NOT keep upping the ante. Nobody can. Something has to break. Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, it does. Again. Last week, multiple times, focusing on, targeting 2 days, Tuesday and Saturday. As always, it’s on the lead-up.

Three disasters and a farce hit Tuesdayanother quake hits Mexico, another hurricane rips Puerto Rico to the core, the Racist Dotard threatens annihilation on NK (in the UN no less, a Geneva Convention violation), and ZombieCare tries to fail again.  And, those in charge seem to think none of this is about, or has, consequences.

Consequences are increasingly apparent, including finally in the Public Mind’s Eye. Upgrade building codes so school kids don’t get crushed when Mother Earth shakes. Don’t build on flood plains, or lose it all and get no insurance. More fossil burning threatens Ecocide.

It is racism at its worst to dismiss millions of casualties because they are Not Us, aka Genocide. It is profoundly sad to see the biggest military force on the Planet (several times over) get more funds while slashing protectionsfor air, water, food, and people’s lives.

Then, Saturday (or Friday late if you’re picky), the War (Mars) with Words (Mercury) shifted gears, caused widespread reactions, and various forms of retaliation, besides another round of quakes, aftershocks, and brutal storms. First it was Mercury (Tues) triggering the Giant Planet Super Complex. Then, it was Mars (Sat), God of Vengeance. Threatening the Iran nuclear deal gave an Iranian missile launch in return, and NK no incentive to back down.

Threatening “the Son of a Bitch” with “You’re fired!” for protesting racist treatment, and uninviting a sports star already declining, caused the NFL, the NBA, and MLB to massively take a knee. Overt Racism, and its retaliation, is off to the races (pun intended).

Something has to break. The GOP is in a Money Drought since they have NO wins. Many fractures feed on each other if Repeal ObamaCare fails. Hopes of Playing Nice increase as Loverly Venus aspects the Super Complex later Friday, but it may be too late. Bet on much to get very Personal.

Much hinges on next Wednesday! The clash of Social Issues, the core of this year’s Super Complex, is fed mightily by the Sun, as Jupiter challenges the Fractured Duo of Uranus and Neptune. In the big Political Arena, affecting not just mom and pop, or you and me, but millions to billions, it is a foot race between the Many Weak (Uranus aspecting Neptune) and the Powerful Few (Jupiter). The Too Few want to dominate. The Too Many want to survive.

Jupiter opposes Uranus the 2nd time since March. This is the core of Big (Jup) Changes (Ura), with massive personal effects, sweeping the globe. Expect a reordering of Social Structures, from politics to business to families. Expect every stubborn control-type, stuck in their status-quo Happy Cocoon, to get upset. Expect a lot of nervous posturing (twitching like they’re guilty?), starting this week, climaxing under the next New Moon.

Changes big and small are upon us All. It depends how we handle, manage, and use them. Breaks, breakups, massive reordering and restructuring will happen. For example, fossil fuel use will collapse within a decade. What a clash of cultures with technology: squander vs. sustainable, top down vs. collective voice, me vs. us, “nothing personal” as it gets very personal,… Big Changes.


This Week: Like a dam breaking, it starts with a crack, before it becomes a flood. Jupiter, aka Daddy Big Bucks, aspects the Fractured Two. Any scramble for rapid wins, social or monetary, or starting any new business (except wide-reaching and/or international) in the next few weeks is fraught with ‘complications’. ‘Good on paper’ does not translate easily to ‘it’s happening’.

            Speculations, like many conspiracy theories, are briefly entertaining but short on lasting Reality. The midweek wild, wide swings of trust and security, or lack thereof, prove distinctly disappointing. Wait till a Better Offer appears, after Friday afternoon.


Nota Bene: While the Sun riffled Earth’s magnetosphere, and auroras danced, it also blew a Primitive Storm of protons on Sunday. Let that knock us back a space into re-tired.

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Monday, 25 September. (slow Moon teased in Sagittarius. Mercury in Virgo squares Saturn in Sagittarius. 21-22 Mutable, 6-7 Fixed)

You’re dumped. Look elsewhere. Faint Hope is just that, not likely, despite all the wishing and pleading. Sentiment won’t overcome Reality. Pay attention to what’s proven, not a promise.


Tuesday – Thursday, 26-28 September. (apogee Moon confused in Sagittarius, snapped aware in Capricorn. Jupiter in Libra opposed Uranus in Aries, both hard aspecting Neptune in Pisces. 27 Cardinal, 12 Mutable)

The core of this year’s Giant Planet Super Complex. Effects building for a month, this seeks to hide what is going on, including the painfully obvious. For any Dominant trying to make a point, use extra caution for what could blow upin your face. For those weak and undefended, sow a zillion seeds that reveal, meaning exceptional strength grows by numbersRecruit your army. Exploit a problem. Great for reaction, not action. Draw them out, no need to chaseafter.

(the Sun in Libra hard aspects Jupiter – Uranus / Mars – Neptune. 4-6 Cardinal, 19-21 Fixed)

Big Challenge to Confidence and Credibility. The degrees for this are powerfully focused, intense but shorter lived (days, not weeks) than the Complex. More than ruffled, feathers are ripe for plucking, meaning someone gets one Hell of a going over, ripped to shreds, plus a battered reputation. ‘Tis much better to give than receive, but passing it downstream to the ‘defenceless’ backfires, compounds problem issues.


Friday, 29 September. (Moon rebuilding in late Capricorn. Venus in Virgo opposed Neptune in Pisces, hard aspecting Jupiter in Libra opposed Uranus in Aries. 12 Mutable, 27 Cardinal)

Just like you can’t give up what you never had, all that glitters and promises can be a sham. This is a seduction by a Major Player reaching for the farm and your pension. No matter the come on, nothing is personal for such an easy mark.

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Uranus is retrograde this fall 2017.  READ MORE







Uranus is tipped over on his side. Though a Giant Planet, he is simply weird, tossing this way and that, turning on and off on a dime. Likewise, he is not known for stability or security, and has a curious streak of Self Centred Vanity.  check out the RETROGRADE PHASE OF URANUS  BY CLICKING ON THIS IMAGE..













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Nota Bene: When Astrophysicists say “we are in unusual times”, something is up! Somehow, the Sun’s main layer for magnetic activity has grown thinner in the last few years. This might explain the recent Proton Storms when Coronal Holes open up (as happened Saturday), not noticed in previous years.

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