Full Moon JANUARY 12, 2017

The Full Moon of JANUARY 2017 lands with the Moon at 22 CANCER this year.  THE MOON joins a planetary t-square chord that makes a more intricate and complex dynamic for the Full Moon Energies.  29_cancr
Mercury, the planet of communication, is NOW moving FORWARD.

It takes until Jan 29th for Mercury to exit the REVIEW territory, so diplomas for passing Stoopid School will be still being earned until then.  Review what you have been re-considering.. Family situations may be sorting themselves out… Work and Career may be crystallizing.  Expect to LEARN how to pass StOOpid School for the next few weeks, and all should be flowing and positive.  Intention is Creation. 31_cancr

Be careful about all the dramas people will be stirring up in order to learn valuable lessons.  If you meditate and enrich yourself and others it is possible you will be guided by a higher octave of the planets to clarity, awakening, and freedom from the known.  Shower yourself and others with tender kindness and hold on to your basic goodness.

Saturn, the boundary planet, and Uranus, the planet of impermanence, are still forming a a trine until the summer.

This harmonious relationship between these two powerhouse planets indicates we should go with the flow… and build something NEW…..