Full Moon JULY 09, 2017

The Full Moon of JULY 2017 lands with the Moon at 17  CAPRICORN this year.  THE MOON joins a planetary t-square chord that makes a more intricate and complex dynamic for this series of Full Moon Energies we have had since 2012, and that lasts through 2018, as it ties in these ongoing TSquares between Jupiter in Libra VERY WIDELY opposing Uranus in Aries, and the Sun&Pluto in Capricorn, CLOSELY opposing the Sun and Mars in Cancer….

The Sun and Mars may continue to bring violent outbursts, as those who cannot handle the reality of the current political scene, on a world scale, are imploding.  This is a historical kind of time… So many planets in a TSquare and definitely hard to manage. Hold on to your temper.  The collective enegies are affected by each and every one of our personal choices.  So go high, go wide.  Do your best to uplift the frequency.

Try hard to be pioneering high energy positive aspect of Mars and Sun, not the prickly, moody, self-centered, insecure, oddly mad and difficult reflection of the lowest possible expression of Mars.

Hold the ascension bar high so others can make it through the challenges now.  Be the LIGHTHOUSE, meditate more, do more yoga, try harder, everyone needs you to be your very best you now.

Be careful about all the dramas people will be stirring up in order to learn valuable lessons.  If you meditate and enrich yourself and others it is possible you will be guided by a higher octave of the planets to clarity, awakening, and freedom from the known.  Shower yourself and others with tender kindness and hold on to your basic goodness.

Saturn, the boundary planet, and Uranus, the planet of impermanence, are still forming a a trine,( which is a perfectly harmonious division of the perfect circle ) as they did last year, so expect spontaneous breakthrough energies, for better and for worse, depending on, of course, karma…  To harness this harmonious relationship between these two powerhouse planets – build something NEW…..

The Capricorn Moon, aligned with PLUTO and the NODES of PLUTO suggest we are looking at the outside semblance of POWER, and we will want to take a closer LOOK.  If we can take the increased tension of the FULL MOON energy to heart we should be able to actually get through some of the ridiculousness of having given away our power to bullies, cheaters, or anyone who’s integrity, responsibility, authenticity, enriching, caring, sharing and inclusion is questionable.

Take yourself out of the domination/submission paradigm and create equality consciousness in your personal world.  This should be a way to help the collective.  Be very wary of people on ego-trips.  Which wolf do you want to feed?

It is Astrological thinking that Full Moon always affects our perception/awareness.

So as you feel confronted and IF you reflect and meditate on how you are Co_CREATING your experience with God/Source/all that is… and IF you are able to truly have better boundaries (Capricorn), your awareness should expand so that you can see where to create the NEW foundations.

Last year this moon ushered in a lot of wonderful events in my personal world, and I wish you all love peace happiness and ascension in your heart.  Let yourself truly become a leader.  Lead yourself first.  And then live as an inspiration. Stop being bossy.  Stop domination games.  Stop submission.  Reach out Lift yourself up and others.

The Full Moon EDT, and on the LEFT COAST PDT will be 9 06 pm PDT July 8th SATURDAY