Judy John’s Political Astrology

Judy Johns was a mentor and dear dear colleague and friend.  I know she would love me to share this as we tried to start a PoliticalAstrology  dot com but time constraints and life just didn’t support it.. so here is something she has posted for all to read.


This is a “short list” of ingress chart house meanings written by Judy Johns and shared with her students, friends and colleagues at Political Astrology  GROUPS  in Yahoo.   https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/PoliticalAstrology/info


Ingress Houses


  1. The country and its inhabitants, the urban population, domestic affairs, general conditions of prosperity and wealth, grassroots opinion.


  1. The economy, currency and its circulation, society’s values consumer spending, trade and commerce, conditions of supply and demand, places where money and securities are handled. Taxes


  1. Public use of national transportation, newspapers, neighboring nations, suburban population, communications, electronic mail, diplomatic messages, television, “the media”.


  1. Housing and living conditions, real estate and land values, Rural population, Agriculture and its production, people vs. government, political party not in power, underground water supplies, weather.


  1. Children, minors, the Senate, Ambassadors, Schools, amusement places, diplomats, speculation, officials without cabinet rank, political funds of the party out of power.


  1. Public health, civil service, laboring classes, unions, labor-wage conditions, employment, armed forces, police, trades people, restaurants, places serving food and drink, stored grain.


  1. War and foreign affairs, international relationships, public reaction to foreign policy, balance of trade with other countries, public meetings, situations of overt aggression.


  1. Financial relations with others, foreign investments, multinational corporations, presidential advisors, the cabinet, state funerals, interest rates, economic leverage, insurance, pensions, social security, local and regional appointed officials.


  1. Long distance travel, international diplomacy, Emigration, immigration, Universities, tourism, satellite transmission, Courts and judges, clergy, religious or philosophical thought, publishing.


  1. The government, national honor, nation’s status before the world, world opinion, the party in power, the chief executive, the nation’s credit power, national influence in world affairs.


  1. The congress, state legislatures, international friendships, enacted legislation, House of Representatives, national allies, transfer of technology, summit conferences, and nonaligned nations.


  1. Minorities or the oppressed, terrorist activity, hostage situations, behind the scenes manipulation, slavery, human rights issues, hospitals, prisons, asylums, charitable institutions, underdeveloped countries, covert aggression, conditions of exile.




Ingress Planets


Sun The Sun represents the executive head of the nation, in monarchies, the crowned head. It indicates influential business and political leaders, people of power, heads of corporations and popular public figures. The Sun shows national identity and national pride, or its lack. The condition of the leader of the country as shown by aspects of the ingress Sun often reflects the current well being of the nation.


The stressful aspects to the Sun show internal tensions in the country and are an indicator of the nation’s prime adversaries. Hard aspects to the Sun are frequently present when a President experiences conflict and criticism within the period of time the Ingress chart governs. The combination of solar aspects and the strength of planets in or ruling the Ingress fourth house (the party out of power) tend to mirror the level of executive stress and indicate difficulty in the implementation of his policies.


Moon The Moon signifies the population as a whole, and rules the mood of the people. It rules women in general, and any occupation connected with water or common public needs. Public utilities, such as fresh water and power and the distribution of them are Moon ruled. The Moon governs agriculture and the production of foodstuffs. The Moon’s house placement and aspects can indicate the physical quality of life within the country during the Ingress period.


Under stress aspects, the Moon can indicate famine, ethnic or racial discord and general unrest of the people. Hard aspects to the Ingress Moon can also bring events that seriously effect crops or suggest natural disasters like floods, hurricanes and typhoons, depending on the signs and houses that the hard aspects involved.


Mercury is the voice of national opinion. It rules youth in general and the public school systems. Mercury rules not only science and literature, but also the “media” in general. Mercury rules the Secretary of State, documents and treaties, lectures and debates. The Department of Education, Health department, CDC Center for disease control, OMB and EPA Environmental Protection Agency are all Mercury-ruled.


Under stress, hard aspects to Mercury can bring censorship, student or teacher’s strikes transportation accidents, air pollution, gas leaks, and various types of epidemics when placed in a human sign.


Venus signifies young women, courtship and marriage. Venus rules cultural and esthetic values, and indicates persons and occupations connected with the arts, music, theater and places of amusement. She indicates the role of women in diplomacy and protocol. Venus is typically a soft influence. Venus desires to coexist peacefully and will aid in the process of ongoing negotiations. Venus also rules liquid assets and money supply of the nation (M1).


The hard aspects of Venus tend to cultural or artistic suppression or even censure. Today’s society gives the traditional role of young women greater freedom and personal power. However, the hard aspects of Venus still limit political growth though unseen barriers such as “the glass ceiling” or what is called “the good old boys club.”


Governmental Agencies: Department of Currency, the Mint, the Treasury department, banks and lenders in general, Department of Weights and Measures.


Mars rules males in general and young males in particular. It indicates war in a general sense and it rules the armed forces of the nation. In the United States, it specifically rules the Army and Marines. (The Navy is ruled by Neptune and the Air Force by Uranus). Mars signifies the industrial labor force, heavy manufacturing, meat production, arms manufacture and the production of flammable chemicals. Mars rules many natural resources such as lumber, coffee, iron ore, and diamonds. (The kind used for drilling and shaping very hard objects). Mars rules the police department and may indicate the criminal element and violent people in general. Mars rules the Attorney General, the US “top cop”.


The difficult aspects of Mars in Ingress can bring fires, explosions, riot, war, bloodshed and possible volcanic activity. Transiting Mars over a sensitive aspect pattern in the Ingress acts like a fuse, timing the action or activity.


Mars rules the Departments of: Labor, Energy, Defense and the National Security

Council, the AFL-CIO




Ingress Jupiter to Pluto


Jupiter Rules the capitalistic force in finance and influences trade relations. Jupiter governs the borders between countries and the treaties between nations. He rules religion and the clergy, judges and the highest court of the land, credit and bankers. In the United States, Jupiter rules the Senate and the Vice President who presides over the Senate. Jupiter governs all ruling bodies that ratify treaties and confirm appointments. Jupiter brings with it a strong sense of morality, social conscience and religious enthusiasm. It indicates the laws of the land and how they are administered.


A well-aspected Jupiter leads to the establishment of diplomatic relations and denotes ambassadorial missions. Under stress, Jupiter often brings an overabundance of a natural element, may show religious suppression, ambassadorial indigents, international crisis or border disputes.


The State department, Federal Reserve Board and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are all Jupiter- ruled.


Saturn Rules corporations in general, law enforcement agencies, monopolies and conglomerates. It a business sense it governs the stock exchanges. It denotes quarries, mines and the land in general along with structures, bridges, and government buildings. Saturn indicates the conservative side of society. Saturn rules the Senate, the governmental body of 100 Senators, two from each State, most concerned with making laws. It governs law, justice and order. In the Ingress chart, Saturn is usually an index to misfortune, lack or need. An afflicted Saturn can bring severe extremes of winter and dry summers. Famine, rock slides and mining disasters are also a possibility.


Saturn rules Social Security, trade unions, Veterans Administration, the FBI, Secret Service, and the prison industry.


Uranus In the United States, Uranus rules the House of Representatives. The House is comprised of members that are representational of the total population census by each individual state. The House as a body of government, tends to be more urban and modern in thinking, more representative of various regional centers of population. (The Senate tends to be more conservative in thinking as only two members represent an entire state). Uranus also rules the actual legislation that is passed by the House. It is the House that controls the purse-strings in America.


Uranus rules invention, technology, and high frequency communications, aeronautic and space programs, civil air travel and participation in International organizations. Uranus is as index to how individuality is accepted within the country. It can indicate uprisings or revolutions and is connected with explosions and detonations. In some cases, it can bring civil disobedience or boycotts used as a protest movement. Uranus is sometimes connected with terrorism particularly if explosives are used.


Under stress, Ingress Uranus often indicates strikes and rioting and seems to take up where Mars leaves off. Uranus is one of the prime significators of earthquakes and other violent upheavals of nature. An afflicted Uranus can bring demonstrations, airline crashes, train derailing and explosions. In nature, it generates earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes and severe lighting storms with high winds.


Uranus governs the Aviation industry, Civil Aeronautics Board, the Air Force, NASA and the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) and the new TIA.


Neptune Neptune can point to the fluctuation of popular opinion. It rules sensationalism and the illusion of popularity. It can indicate a condition of underlying discontent. Neptune appears to have some connection with socialism, human rights and conditions of the oppressed or the impoverished. Mass migration generated in a search for a better life also relates to aspects of Neptune. Social programs that exist as the safety net in society are ruled by Neptune. The aspects of Neptune can show tolerance or intolerance for different lifestyles.


Neptune rules the oceans, The Navy, natural gas, oil and refineries, synthetic materials and liquids in general. It governs the alcohol and tobacco industries, photography and the film industry in general. It also rules pharmaceuticals and any drug producing unconsciousness. Neptune rules the use of chemical warfare using gas or poisons.


Events connected with Neptune usually have an element of distortion. Treaties or agreements made when Neptune aspects are involved can dissolve dissipate in thin air or require renegotiating. An afflicted Neptune can indicate fraud, slander or misrepresentation. It holds the potential for political instability. Ingress Neptune may indicate marine disasters, dam breaks, undersea volcanoes and earthquakes, tidal waves, natural gas leaks and contagious epidemics, if placed in a human sign.


Neptune rules Hospitals, Prisons, organizations like the Red Cross, Asylums and social programs like Aid to Dependent Children (ADC).


Pluto Pluto rules the concept of evolution, and the natural order of the ecological balance of life on this planet. It signifies elimination, disintegration and transformation. It rules the natural elimination of parasitic growths. The aspects of Pluto frequently point to major sociological upheaval involving great masses of people. Pluto rules propaganda, and psychological warfare and conspiracy. Pluto designates the presence of very large issues, monopolies and conglomerates and it is often present in corporate mergers. Pluto rules nuclear power, plutonium, radium, zinc, tungsten and infrared and laser beams.


It can dictate the balance between birth rates, life span and the death rate. Pluto denotes the ability of the people of a nation to regenerate after natural disaster or war. Pluto rules the re-allocation of the earth’s resources. Pluto rules waste management and ecology.


Pluto is an index to national security and a country’s investigative agencies. It gives insight into what can be considered a global viewpoint. Pluto rules the new Homeland Security Agency.


Stressful aspects of Pluto can produce volcanoes, earthquakes, oil spills, fires, war, mud slides, avalanches or anything involving widespread death and distruction. Ingress Pluto aspects may bring power struggles, corruption, terrorism or guerrilla warfare.


Governmental Agencies: CIA, NSA, Arms control agencies, IRS, Nuclear Regulatory Agencies, and the Trilateral Commission.




Ingress charts

The time of these charts is GMT for a good reason. Say you already have the Aries ingress run for Washington, DC but some interesting event happens in…. Brazil. You can open the chart in Solar Fire and ask SF to relocate the chart for that place in Brazil. Remember to keep the time zone for GMT and re-label this new chart name and save it.