June 21, 2017 Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice occurs this year at 023 am June 21, 2017 EDT and this is the chart Astrologers have used for centuries to examine the  Summer Solstice.


Neptune is rising.  The influence of an outer Planet on the ASC is complex.  We have been integrating a Neptune Jupiter quincunx between Pisces and Libra since last November.  It is about compassion, love …

Lao Tzu Verse 49

The Master in you has no mind of your own

You works with the mind that presents itself

Be good to people who are good

Be good to people who are not so good

This is True Goodness

Trusts people who are trustworthy

Equally trusts people who are not trustworthy

This the True Trust

Your mind of  Mastery is like space

People may not understand that

They might look to you and wait

Treat them like your own children….  my translation from Tao te Ching  2017

Sun in the 4th House, the Nation, our home, our family. Homeland Security will continue to be a big topic and concern.

Some things resolving, being negotiated – Mercury opposite Saturn. 

Mars can bring conflicts or high energy.  If you want the high energy then

Nurtrure, caring, sharing and inclusion build instead of opposing.   

Pioneer instead of fighting.  Mars when unconscious has a domination submission paradigm in action this summer as it opposes by Sign to the transit of Pluto in Capricorn, which lasts until 2023/24 when Pluto in Aquarius ushers in the Age of AI.

Moon in Taurus conjunct, TRINE to Pluto, financial goals and visions supported.  Romantic scenarios require a lot of applied learning.  Adjustments.

Uranus and Eris in the Second House  –  Breakthroughs or fight or flight.

Jupiter Neptune  – three More Months of clarifying how we

1.Co create with God.  Meditate. Meditate.  Contemplate.  Reflect.

2.Overcome delusional stances, do not give too much.  Balance.. Make all relationships a healthy two way street.

3.Remove deception in all relationships.  Stop complaining.  See your life as a co-creation with all that is.  Recognize how you are directing your own movie.