The Summer of the Jupiter and Neptune Quincunx

Jupiter Direct 2017 see diagram below, Neptune Retrograde all summer.




♥The energies of these Planets support a re-balancing in relationships this summer.

⊗Making time for yourself in balance with the ability to be truly considerate and 100% present when you are interacting with others. is the best approach to this complex chord of Planetary Frequencies.



2/23/2017 Enters Review Territory 11° pisces   28′
6/16/2017 Rx 14°  pisces   16′
11/2/2017 Direct  11°pisces 28′
3/13/2018 Leaves review territory 14° pisces 16′








∑ Jupiter is at the Station,Direct part of the lower picture as you can see above.  Going back now over the territory Jupiter crossed from 14 – 23 Libra from November of 2016 to now.  Correlate and observe with your calendars events that connect from that period for maximum daemon soul Natural Law awareness.


And Neptune and Jupiter are making a “CHORD” to this full moon, providing the tension of a square.  This is a mutable square, so the easiest kind to make progress with, but you will have to be willing to surrender some of your self-satisfied beliefs at the threshold.

Neptune is the Planet connected with the frequency of dissolution and disillusionment – and when you put it in a chord with other planetary archetypes and factors, there is going to be a dance… a play of consciousness wherein the ego consciousness that has identified with something that is now old and moldy has to go.

¥ Be it a spiritual crisis, or in the Gemini Sag, a communication crisis, or a dependency crisis, something could easily be brought to your attention now.


Θ   I recommend that you talk to the provident universe who desires to flood you with blessings for clarity and support now.  Jupiter helps us learn Natural Law.  Try to understand your relationships now  Θ

Avoid the tendancy to lash out at others, which is a big Sagittarius, foot in mouth – scenario can cost you relationships.

Instead engage in meaningful contemplation and reflection.

Whatever you allow to stay suppressed, with Neptune, will just come back up in the form of a new situation.

Neptune is going RX now, so you will have a long period of time of reflect on this full moon and your actions now.

Jupiter moving forward in LIBRA will likely bring some relationships to a head during its high frequency at the turning point.  My experience is that Libra and its EA keyword from JWG of extremes, is very accurate.  Try not to go there and instead be the LOVE.  Be the example.  Be the change you wish to see in the world.  Be strong.  Be good.  Go for highest and best outcomes.

From the School of Evolutionary Astrology:  RAD:

When Neptune is retrograde it points to Pluto itself: our Soul. When Neptune is retrograde there is an accelerated evolutionary desire, need, to throw off all things that are of a delusive nature: that which is not actually ‘real’ yet what we have considered real before the delusion or illusion was finally understood.

  • Thus, it emphasizes the process of disillusionment leading to that which is actually real from an ultimate point of view. Relative to uniting our consciousness, Soul, with that which has created us in the first place, the Neptune retrograde will necessarily do so in its own way.When Neptune is retrograde it does point to Pluto in that this symbolizes a Soul who intends to pierce the bubble of its own illusions, delusions, and all that has been given false meaning, an ultimate meaning in many ways, that has confused the Soul as to what the Ultimate Reality is really about: God/ess. (Rad)

With NEPTUNE we don’t FIT IN AT ALL WITH existing rules.  We are moving into an understanding of the Universe/God/All that is.


June 16 Neptune Stations going into Retrograde motion.








See Neptune has entered her STATION RX curve on the diagram above.. she will be hanging out at 14 PISCES through the summer of 2017 in aspect to JUPITER that entire time.  Jupiter is moving forward over her RX territory all summer…

Making adjustments, allowing yourself to take back meaning that is arrived at through inner searching.. INDUCTIVE THOUGHT is required now.  EA JWG

Inductive reasoning – Wikipedia

Inductive reasoning (as opposed to deductive reasoning or abductive reasoning) is reasoning in which the premises are viewed as supplying strong evidence for the truth of the conclusion. While the conclusion of a deductive argument is certain, the truth of the conclusion of an inductive argument is probable, based upon the evidence given.[1   Inductive reasoning – Wikipedia 

The philosophical definition of inductive reasoning is more nuanced than simple progression from particular/individual instances to broader generalizations.

Dig deeper, the answers are not on the surface, and you need better questions to graduate this whammy curve!

Allow yourself to be disillusioned.  Whatever your have been projecting a sense of ultimate meaning, then you will probably be faced with an hysteric reaction from someone outside yourself, or your own hysteria  that will arise to show you there is in fact a deep void in the situation and in the arena where you are needing to be disillusioned.  You need to take back any projection of God/Goddess now.

“…. Neptune’s transit of Pisces can range for utter disillusionment and bitter outrage to a kind euphoria for those that … will benefit. ”  Rad   Exerpted from The EA Glossary 

The aspect between Jupiter and Neptune is one of learning.  Deep humility is required to pass these tests.  So surrender to the grace that you are.  Watch the ego, check it at the door…. and I often like to look at things this way….  Man’s interruptions are often God’s protections.

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