Mercury Retrograde 2017

What is the meaning of Mercury Retrograde 2017  in Taurus

Does Mercury Retrograde cause things to go bump in the night (awry)?    Yes, it does.  There is a real meaning for Mercury Retrograde.  It means you have to slow down and pay attention at a deeper level of your consciousness.  You must review, re-evaluate-, reconsider, redo, re-assess and then integrate the new perspective(s) you were able to achieve.

So, how can you keep up?  You learn to use the Cosmic Clock of Mother Nature’s Planetary Timing.  Study Mercury Rx.  The Shadow period of REVIEW begins on the 27th of March, 2017.  During the REVIEW period we are often confronted, or made aware of scenarios that can help us expand our limiting perceptions.



09 APRIL         ~ 4  TAURUS 51       ~ RETROGRADE

03 MAY           ~ 24 ARIES 16          ~ MERCURY DIRECT

20 MAY           ~ 04 TAURUS 51      ~ NEW TERRITORY REVIEW ENDS

We are offered a change, a chance to open our minds and embrace a wider view of the world around us.  As we successfully learn to navigate the shadow periods, journaling our daytime experiences, keeping a dream  journal, as well as recapitulating any glitches or prickly encounters, we can see where we might have some work to do when Mercury actually does station and turn RETROGRADE.

All the RE words: Aries/Taurus  In order to collect the Reward of the Retrograde Planets… 

ARIES = Self Actualizing  TAURUS= Self Worth

RE EVALUATE  Redo  Reconsider

Review Recapitulate  Rewind


The Retrograde is in Taurus/Aries.  Venus has just been Retrograde, helping us Peel the Onion to the Core in relationship to OUR CORE VALUES.

Now Mercury will help us integrate how to apply these changes.  Whether we made monetary choices, perhaps on how to earn our money, or how to share, include, and enrich ourselves and others, the Rx of Mercury is the time to implement the changes.

Remembering that all Retrograde periods are a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo, do not be afraid to look at your bottom lines.  Where are you compromising?  Where are you too puffed up as you individuate?  How could you do more to help the collective?


From 09th of April 2017 until the 3rd of May 2017 Mercury is RX.  This is the second period this year.  See all 10 Retrograde periods here.

It is helpful to know which HOUSE this will fall in, in your own chart.


You can use these evolutionary astrology keywords for the 12 signs/  6 Polarities to understand some of the principles you might be dealing with:

ARIES Focus on what is essential now as you make time for yourself… LIBRA while being considerate of others. Use this Rx to re-calibrate how you relate.
TAURUS Reassess what is of value as you expand your essential needs.. SCORPIO so you are available to share, merge and be truly able to communicate intimately.
GEMINI Do unto others as you would have them do unto you… SAGITTARIUS and in living truthfully, expand your perspective – observe the deeper natural laws that are operating.
CANCER Deepen your self identity by owning your feelings that enrich life… CAPRICORN … and having the warmth and dignity to include others in your worldly successes
LEO Celebrating your creative talents, love of life that include… AQUARIUS ..friends who share your values, especially those that help align you with divine will.
VIRGO Let your magic tortoise see the good in everything.. PISCES that you can inspire all with your creative imaginative will

here is a Mercury Rx TABLE FOR 2017




8-Jan  Mercury Direct
9-Apr  Mercury RX 4 Taurus
3-May Mercury Direct 24 Aries
7-Aug Lunar Eclipse 21 Cap
21-Aug Solar Eclipse 4 leo
13-Aug Mercury RX 11 Virgo  
6-Sep Mercury Direct 28 Leo
3-Dec Mercury RX 5 Sag



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