Neptune Retrograde

by Tashi Powers Evolutionary Astrologer

June 18th, 2018  through to November 25, 2018

Neptune is stationary in space.  That means this heavenly body is at a standstill – then seemingly moving backward, and this makes Neptune’s frequency extra potent.  We are more aligned with our true inner self while Neptune is Rx,.  We are both awakening within a daydream and sleeping through the nightmare.  If that sounds disorienting it probably is.  So give yourself some latitude to get your bearings.

…oblivion, fantasy, erosion, ensnare, enchant. bliss, un-founded, un-realized, dream, un-quenched, passion, guilt, suffering, complacency, escapism, drugs, excess, posing, faking it, bliss, god, goddess, all that is, are all the nouns of the poetry of our collective soul at this time…

Can you use the retrograde of Neptune on it’s own nodes in Pisces to help you let go of your need to cling to belief?  Can you instead allow the eternality of your soul to guide you.  Doubt is not considered respectable in enlightening society, said a young Choygam Trungpa Rinpoche.  He meant feel deeply, know your own true nature, and don’t doubt yourself, your true immortal self.

If you have planets in the mutable signs near 16 Pisces, let yourself float downstream!  Go with the God Current in your life.  Accept your higher divine guidance and avoid the lower frequencies of Neptune.  Serve others as much as possible to get on the good side of these tracks.  Give up victimhood.  Give up martyrdom.  Avoid the pity party.  Avoid the podium.  


Stay contemplative in the light of how you dumb yourself down to fit in to a collective.  Instead practice giving, compassion and co-creation.