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Tashi  has a full schedule as an Evolutionary Astrologer .  She has clients on  5 continents ,  and has read thousands of charts.  She has read charts for the Bee Gees, Ron Wood, Madonna, Steven Seagal, the Guess brothers, and other celebrities, and amazing human beings.

Her focus since the late 90's is to use Jeffrey Wolf Green's work on Evolutionary Astrology to enlighten herself and others while examining the unfolding journey of life.

The Horoscope is examined to reveal your co-dependence, celebrate your independence and  embrace your interdependence.

Tashi focuses on the NODES, evolutionary skipped steps, and goals your soul life wishes to accomplish in this life, as shown by your PLUTO.  

All services are done via ZOOM.us or on the phone.  Fees are in US dollars.

You are encouraged to record to a cell phone or on your computer etc.  

Tashi can attempt to record for you, but the responsibility falls to you to record the session.

Receive ongoing weekly, bi weekly or monthly counselling.  

*~see the evolutionary gateway challenges and sail through with guidance, 

*~learn what the 18 month lunar node transits mean to you,
*~get in touch with Nature's clock by working consciously with the Planetary and Lunar phases

Contact Tashi via email to set up an appointment    astrodakini@gmail.com


In Depth Evolutionary Astrological Counselling with Tashi

Receive ongoing weekly, bi weekly or monthly counselling. This choice allows you to access all the charts, anytime, and delve deeply into the EA model of Pluto's evolutionary life lessons: *~Pass the evolutionary gateway challenges and sail through tests with guidance, *~Get in touch with Nature's clock by working consciously with the Planetary and Lunar phases *~Receive guidance through the individuation phase of all the retrogrades, Mercury Retrograde, affectionately called StOOpid SchOOl... *~Lunations, Eclipses, New Moons, Full Moons and other lunar aspects explained.


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This is the most in depth look at how the astrological clock can be used to enhance your decision making, timing, and over all life experience.

This service is paid for on an annual basis, or quarterly.
Rates below.


Once a month

Monthly access, once a month New clients will need to pre pay for 2 quarters / 6 months minimum. $500.00 per quarter Transits only contact me: astrodakini@gmail.com

30 mins Bi Weekly

Monthly access, Every other week 1500.00 per quarter Comparisons, Transits contact me: astrodakini@gmail.com

Weekly 60 Mins Consults

One hour per week, 48 weeks a year New clients may sign up for two quarters at a time. Access most of my astrology tools*. email to discuss and be included into this weekly protocol . astrodakini@gmail.com *Vastu is not included


A soul refreshing look at your life's big picture. Analysis of your birth chart that reveals your karma, life's purpose, and your souls desires and needs.  This reading includes a mini overview of how the planets are affecting your life right now to help you  learn about your evolutionary archetypal engagement with the Uni-Verse. 



Using advanced Astrological techniques we personalize your astrological feng shui on Earth. Once we determine your Truth North, Due You West, Going Ahead East, Sunny South, Gems, crystals and other sacred items are placed to align and adjust frequencies to Natural Law, aka Mother Nature's Laws. Combining Annie Chen's Black Hat Feng Shui practice with Tashi's personalized positions from your Natal Chart to overcome blockages to your success, love, health and happiness. As in traditional Vastu we can align your home and business as well as address challenges in your personal life.


Vastu Add Ons $168

Add ons $168.00



Asking an astrology to study the clocks of the universe to use an auspicious time is one of the best uses of this wisdom. It can be very time consuming and can sometimes take days to find the right time. Tashi was tutored by Marion March and Joan McEvers and consequently really understands this technique. She has also consulted thousand of clients since she began in 1972 to read charts, and can definitely help you find the time to start a business, send an email, marry, enter into contracts, list your house or anything for that matter for sale. Use this service to plan events, and watch life flow easily. 15 minutes - 75.00 US DOLLARS 30 minutes = 150.00 US DOLLARS 45 minutes = 225.00 US DOLLARS 60 minutes = 300.00 US DOLLARS EMAIL ME tashi@enlighteningtimes.com

$250.00 for a one time consult any questions


Shed light on relationships.   By choosing to compare charts you can check out the karma.  
Is this your twin flame, soul mate or karma mate?  
Atonement is the goal.  Balance is the Gift. Love is the treasure in the heart of the world.
Find out what you need to have a fulfilling relationships, and what to look for in a partner.

$108 compare one natal chart with your natal chart if you are already getting a reading this is an add on.

$168.00 Stand alone compare a chart to yours.

$200 composite chart of two people

$250 relationship profile of two charts , comparison, composite

please email me to set this up astrodakini@gmail.com

Relationship Options

Compare 2 or More Charts


Purchase a yearly, or monthly update on the unfolding picture of the magical dimensions of your chart. Based on a day for a year, Astrologers have used the Cosmic Clock to reveal how to forecast and predict events with great accuracy using these techniques. This look at the chart helps give you practical understanding of the unfolding events in daily life. ( you must have had an EA reading with Tashi to receive this advanced consultation.)



Birthday to birthday forecasts the trends for the year ahead.  This ancient technique hones in on the karmic lessons, Evolutionary Gateways, and other deep soul lessons will emerge birthday year to birthday.  It is a different perspective than transits and it is usually what is best to pick around your birthday.  This also makes a great gift. Get a two-fer. Buy one for yourself, and get a second birthday chart as a gift for 50% off. Check to see if this offer is available at time of purchase.



Analyze your natal or current location to find out which archetypes are most prevalent where you live.  If you can live your archetypes consciously it is easier to understand how you are creating your reality. This service includes a 60 min consult with Tashi, to explain how to make the most of planetary frequencies and positions.  You will also be directed to those spots on earth best for you, and advised of those locations I believe even a trip to, or a purchase from can help your life. $250.00

Ganesh and The North Node


$250.00 pay for services

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