Pluto Uranus Opening Squares 2012-208

Pluto Uranus Opening Squares 2012-2018

by Evolutionary Astrologer Tashi Powers

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.
That’s how the light gets in. …
Leonard Cohen – The Anthem

Planets activate the TSquare with Uranus and PLUTO, making this a time of change or die.  EarthVenus8yearSpiralPattern

  • The Uranus-Pluto Square – 2012-2018 (90°) squares  began with the root conjunction of Pluto and Uranus in Virgo, on January 7, 1966, at the exact peak of the Vietnam War and the emergence of the Flower Power Political Movement, and dancing in the streets, Woodstock.
  • The extreme cultural and societal events of  the 1960s reflect the Uranus-Pluto conjunction archetypal energetic, which started this 138-year cycle.
  • 2018 is when its intensity ends for this period of the opening square, although the exact squares end in 2015.29_capri
  • Pluto will square Uranus from 2013 to 2018.  Pluto is in Capricorn which represents a change in Governments, and the Arab Spring sprung up right as Pluto and Uranus had their first encounter. What began as a conjunction in 1966, now plays out as many squares lasting into 2018 as planets join in to bring this collective force of Pluto and Uranus to individuals whose planetary placements resonate with the seed evolution/revolution of the conjunction in the mid sixties.
  • PleadianStarThe internet is the new medium as news ripples through websites, social media sites, “mobi’s” of all sorts, even emerging technology.  Nations as well as individuals will face Pluto in Capricorn – and the lessons of Domination/Submission, found in the Cancer/Capricorn polarity as they find ways to individuate through Uranus in Aries.  A desire to pioneer and way-find new venues are the hope for our progress.  We will have the shadow and the light.  Elon Musk is a great example of hope (June 21. 1978 11:29am Pretoria, SA EET.  He has Pluto in Virgo and Uranus is in the new phase in Libra.  Saturn in Gemini opposes his Neptune in Sag, The Archetypal word for Saturn and Neptune is Architecture… and he is building zero emission cars, solar platforms to take us away from oil, and space-x to get us moving differently on this planet as well as moving out into the planetary system.
  • Aries as an archetype is pioneering and invites adventure.  So as Uranus transits Aries we have to find the courage to get involved and make changes in our own individual lives, as well as get down with groups, strategic alliances, friends, town hall.  We must be the change ourselves if it is to make any difference at all.
  • Capricorn as an archetype is responsibility when at its best, demonstrates good leadership, and has a warmth and dignity.  At worst it is all about keeping up with the Jones, using our position to dominate others.  We must all chose to work towards the Aquarian age by demonstrated actions of love and brotherhood.  If you have petty domination submission paradigms they feed the collective.  Just remember everything we do ripples through the multi-verse.
  • According to Jeffrey Wolf Green,(JWG) whose material on Pluto was channeled from Yogananda’s teacher – in dreams and waking states – Pluto is a force of Nature that helps us best align with Source, The Force, The Creatrix, etc.
  • Most of us are not aware of our evolutionary intentions, but in our birth chart, and in the transits of Pluto, we experience intense awakenings to remind us which way to proceed in life.  If we have fallen into an unconscious pattern, Pluto’s transits can help us to break up stuck energies, psychological, life style, health, our values etc.  Our Integrity is definitely visible to us with Pluto’s frequency.  This affects collective groups, governments, corporations and the structure of our justice system, as seen currently by the situation in Ferguson, Missour, and now with Trump and a band of corruption ready to overtake what wasn’t stolen from Main Street, last time the Republican’s were in a position of unchecked power..
  • 31_capriWhen this Uranus Pluto square began as a conjunction in the mid 60’s, this country saw huge protests about invading Vietnam and sending our troops there, for what many saw as a US Oil grabbing subtext in the Sea of Tonkin.  Synchronicity has China and Vietnam back in the Sea of Tonkin, with the USA being involved as a go between. 31_aqua
  • These big planetary cycles bring all the players back to the table to find a new way to perhaps deal with the off shore oil this time.  This is a microcosm at play, but each move you make in your own life involves a quantum wave of energy that effects outcome for all.
  • Nepal is full of people who sell children into slavery, and look at the earthquakes.  Mother Nature is A.L.I.V.E. and watching the world…
  • Each activation of the Pluto Uranus square brings more to light.  In your personal life and in the collective around us, we must wake up and add our soul life into our daily life.  We must pray to our higher self to help us evolve.  We must make small changes in our own lives.  Walk away from petty people.  Walk away from injustice.  Stand up for the good.  Change your bank accounts.  Walk your talk.
  • If you meditate open your heart and third eye and send love and light to that area, to the past, present and future, all interdependently interfacing with each of us, as the mystery of life unfolds.   As we watch the opening square – we need to all recognize it is a time to act on the intentions of the conjunction of the 31_caprievolutionary/revolutionary aspect of the mid 1960’s.
    We are all living out the square—some of the things we continue to learn as a human society:

    1.  How to perhaps survive without so much oil,
    2. How to share better with each other.
    3. Our need for responsibility, for our planet Earth, and for our individual evolutionary path.
    4. Trust Mother Nature, let her teach you her mysterious ways.
    5. Make your life meaningful.
    6. Live a life that has a heartbeat.
    7. Find a real pulse from an inner life, not just the consensus driven, material driven lemming-life.

    So, we must all realize we can expect unconscious life issues to be high-beamed as Pluto – in the opening square to Uranus in Aries helps us face our evolutionary tasks.

    The backlash of losing John Lennon in the early 80’s was truly a low point. But the breakthrough, kick ass energy of the Uranus Pluto square for the next several years can be harnessed. We can take the cause back.  Even Bob Dylan is on tour. Angel Wings and Seven Chakras

  • Let’s stand shoulder to shoulder, older, elders, middle ages, up and coming visionaries and help the younger generation, who are now aligned with saving the Planet, organic food, meditation…
  • Times are a changing… once again. This time there are two generations, maybe three… aligned to the changes… at least here in the West. We need to find our footing and make real progress for the good. We need more Evolution. and we need to look at the e -love-ution solutions and figure out where our Re-vol-utions can make a difference and we must be involved in the world around us.  We must protest.  Saturn is closing in on Pluto so we are ending a cycle of outer authority and we must be paying better attention to how to make changes.  We must discover the way to make actual real benefits to self and others…
    Pluto is  in Capricorn 2008-2024

    Uranus is in Aries 2010-2019

    8-20 cardinal Squares last from 2013-2017

    Pluto in Capricorn will often represent an outside force – the authorities – who have seemingly stolen the upper hand –  This projection of Pluto onto an outside authority – creates a collective paralysis – by hooking those who allow it into a left brain dominated loop – “the News Media is all propaganda”…

    We must make changes as individuals in order to see changes in the world.  If we can learn to see our interdependence we can know that” our intention is creation and doubt is the eraser.”crystal

    We must wake up to our potential with Uranus in Aries, and become leaders with Pluto in Capricorn.  Each of us will have different arenas in which this unfolds; parenthood, church, yoga teacher, school teacher, etc.  Pluto’s frequency can help us see how to create a better world – by changing how we define it.  See it as a more positive place.  Create a better self- image.  Project a better image onto others and they will show up in your world as more in touch with your frequency.


    So Evolutionary Astrologer Jeffrey Wolf Green/ JWG teaches that Pluto’s frequency confronts us with a progressive loss of meaning for limiting beliefs, and Pluto’s frequency may eventually removes us from that which prevents or blocks our true evolution.

  • Although painful at the time, like surgery, we emerge from this experience a stronger, more spiritually evolved person – if we chose to embrace the possibilities inherent in the challenges.Discover the elegance of the “truth”…Pluto is our soul’s urge to know God, Goddess, Creation in as much as we are co-creators, and  as Walter Truett puts it… learn “the truth about the truth”…..
  • Jupiter in Libra is opposing Uranus in Aries through 2017.  This suggests that we are dealing with life as a Collective.  We know that we are facing enormous problems in our world.  As the trigger days come to be, use them, for the good.Help collective humanity now. Pray for everyone.  Do something to help others.  I started a charity and raised money for the homeless in LA.  What can you do?“Everyone carries a shadow,” Jung wrote, “and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.”

    Pluto’s ability to deliver revelation aligns with Aries drive.  Use the breakthrough frequency of Uranus and you have a whole orchestra moving you towards resolution of past patterns, and opening up new possibilities of expression.  This is a powerful opportunity to make a difference, so I urge you to step up to the plate, wherever you see it manifesting in your own life.

    It’s time to see that it’s up to you. Embrace your Souls obligation to evolve. Animate your vision as the chord of Uranus/Pluto helps you figure out a new balance in your life. Get more in touch with the projection on the other side of the see saw. Take back your power. Change how you engage and how you are perceiving the meta-narrative  …  stop buying into the illusion.

  • The ongoing Neptune south Node of the Moon conjunction in PISCES is bringing us FAKE everything.  Wake up.  Disassociate from the lies.  Go make a better truth for everyone.
  • One of the greatest teachings of the Kabbalah is the lesson of becoming bigger than the darkness.  That is how we expand our light, build our spiritual muscle.  Depending on how we deal with this domination/submission –Capricorn lesson,  we can emerge as super heroes, with a much larger capacity to hold light, and greater spiritual strength.

    “The essential purpose of astrology is not so much to tell us what we will meet on our road, as it is to suggest how to meet it – and the basic reason for the meeting. Which quality in us, which type of strength, is needed to go through any specific phase of our total unfold-ment as an individual person.” A quote by the revered French Astrologer – Dane Rudhyar.StarsintheskyAccording to Carl Gustav Jung, hell represents, among every culture, the disturbing aspect of the collective unconscious.

    Darkness exists; shadows are there to teach us about our humanity, about our own lesson, about evolution.

  • Pluto teaches us how to make better choices, the ones that will facilitate evolution.  We are all faced with choices, and we know the importance of attracting the highest good to our life.
  • The Uranus & Pluto square is in effect at christmas 2016 as Jupiter opposes Uranus and the inner planets will go through Capricorn
  • Breakthrough, financial issues, possible earth changes, volcanoes, earthquakes and treacherous, winter storms.  It is a time on the cosmic clock to be aware of the need to sustain a more awakened lifestyle
    .2016 Mars in Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto – this brought a new direction for the USA election, and a lot of turmoil for the next two years of that Mars/Pluto cycle as we all learn to get active and make real lasting changes.
    2017 Mars in Libra t-square opposing Uranus and squaring PlutoMy take on this period ahead ( see side bar )  is that we had a really good look at society in the 60’s, and changed our values. Hippies were born. People were informed by musicians like Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Beatles, who wanted to live a life that had a heart beat. A real pulse from an inner life, not just the consensus driven, material driven lemming life.The backlash of losing John Lennon in the early 80’s was truly a low point. But the breakthrough, kick ass energy of the Uranus Pluto square for the next several years can be harnessed. We can take the cause back up with the help of the younger generation, who are now aligned with saving the Planet, organic food, meditation… Times are a changing… once again. This time there are two generations, maybe three… aligned to the changes… at least here in the West. We need to find our footing and make real progress for the good. We need more Evolution, less Re-vol-ution…
  • Pluto in Capricorn 2009-2024
  • Uranus in Aries 2010-2019
  • Elder Indigo’s can now hold their inner space and radiate from their third eye and heart a frequency of love.
  •  We are the reason there is a whole food on every corner.  We ate organic foods from the 60’s on.   We paved the way, so now hold that space for the world to change.8-20 cardinal Squares last from 2013-2018
    (Using Jupiter and the inner planets.)
  • This is NOT over yet.