What you can expect to gain from THE BOOK: Evolutionary Astrology on the Natural Laws of Venus
Have you heard of the Venus Pentagram Mandala? Historical records of this Pentagram date back over 10,000 years! And the Venusian mysterious of this profound pentagram provides lasting insights for the deepest intra-personal relationships in your life.
Sensitivities and awareness to the magnetism of Venus’ will accelerate your abilities to give, and to receive love. I wrote Mysteries of the Venus Pentagram  because of my enormous appreciation for astrology. Its chapters illuminate  “the hero’s journey” each of us must face in experiencing a lifetime, unraveling the expanses of the human heart.
The enclosed, easily accessible WORKBOOKS and their detailed diagrams support each reader to integrate the deeper cycles of Venus. Along the way, I have distilled the collective wisdom of our greatest evolutionary astrologers.
The Mysteries of the Venus Pentagram  has several workbooks—spanning three years—so that you can readily journal your experiences regarding Her starlit phases within your life, as well as learn more about your connections with ongoing cherished friends and lifelong lovers.
Mysteries was just completed with my enduring gratitude to the founder of the School of Evolutionary Astrology, Jeffrey Wolf Green. Bless you, dear Jeffrey!
 Natural Law—How to learn to use the cosmic clock.
  • Find the CURRENT (2017/2018/2019/2020) best dates to plan romantic adventures, dates and important romantic conversations.
  • Discover when Venus energies will be more likely to help you make money.
  • Using the cycles and phases of Venus you will learn how work with money and “others”in ways that deliver more equanimity and poise.
  • You will learn how to tune into the frequency of the yearly SEVEN GATES of the Venus Moon conjunctions.
  • Practice aligning with Natural Law to master being a spiritual activist.
  • A WORKBOOK to guide you through the SEVEN GATES of Venus 2017-2020.
  • Learn how Joseph Cambell’s Monomyth applies to the 360 phases of the Zodiac.
  • Keywords for the ASPECTS will help you with your own Hero’s Journey!
  • Read about how our current VENUS PENTAGRAM POINT in CAPRICORN that formed JAN 8/9 2018 AT 18 CAPRICORN is affecting your natal horoscope.




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