“Your Venus Mystery School – Introduction to the Pentagram Star Video Class”  — by Evolutionary Astrologer Tashi Powers

The recently completed video, which includes six episodes of one hour video classes is now available from Evolutionary Astrologer Tashi, who is able to help you understand how Venus works from the perspective of EA and her own Daemon Soul observations. Standing on the shoulders, and side by side,with Astrologers dating back to the Kumari’s who called this phenomena the Fiery Pentagrams given to primitive man, in order to help with their evolution. Tashi teaches in an open source climate, sharing her research images and graphs with all. She is committed to delve and take you into a deeper EA perspective of how Venus moves within the Cosmic Clocks of the Universe, offering you a unique and detailed explanation of Venus’s mysteries from the Evolutionary Astrological perspective.
Tashi draws from her extensive research, observation and correlations on the movement of Venus. You will learn important dates as Venus ascends and descends in her voyage from morning star to evening star. This Video Series also teaches you the timing of Venus’s retrograde as she forms her cosmic, Ancient Kumari Fiery Pentagram Stars.
She also draws from her extensive research, observation and correlations on the movement of Venus as she ascends and descends in her voyage from morning star to evening star.
This Video Series also teaches you the timing of Venus’s retrograde.
Beginning with her Interior Conjunction with the Sun, creating a Venus Pentagram Star, to her next conjunction (direct) with the Sun, at the Superior Conjunction, where she forms another point in the endless spiral of Pentagram Star Points.
You will learn to pinpoint significant dates and people, by understanding these cycles.


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— “Your Venus Mystery School – Introduction to the Pentagram Star”  —

The recently completed six episodes of a one hour video zoom classes is now available.  The video/zoom hour long video costs $72.00.  You will receive absolutely free  your own Venus Pentagram with your Headstar and Chart as a bonus when sign up for the series.
And you are eligible for a personal reading about your Venus Pentagram  ($108 includes discount) with Tashi if you take the course.
 The positions of your Venus Star will be in your chart that will be sent to you via email.
What you can expect to gain from watching and studying this video:
1.  This series will acquaint you with Venus in EA terms,  both as a frequency and archetype of self-reliance and as the archetype that teaches us how to listen and relate harmoniously with others.
2.Venus is a magnetic archetype and as we align positively to our inner Venus we improve our finances, our love life and our relationships.
Balance, bliss and beauty are the domain of Venus, and if you are missing any of those elements in your personal life, this class will help you learn how to fix the patterns which may be keeping you imbalanced, disharmonious, co-dependent, and prickly in your relationships with others.
2.  How to learn to use the cosmic clock.  You will learn the CURRENT (2017/2018) best dates to plan romantic adventures, dates and important romantic conversations.  You will also learn when Venus energies will be more likely to help you make money, or make more money.  Using the cycles and phases of Venus you will learn how work with money and “others”, in ways that deliver more equanimity and poise.
3.  You will learn how to tune into the frequency of all that is flowing as the archetype of Venus.  We will learn how to read the Cosmic Clock so that you can be a spiritual activist.
4.  Learn about the current Aries Pentagram and the dates which have been creating current God of War/Aries climates, and political heat.
Mar 29 2001 RX 09 AR ******
Mar 30 2005 D 10 AR
Mar 27 2009 RX 07 AR
Mar 28 2013 D 08 AR
MAR 25 2017 RX 04 AR 
Mar 26 2021 D 05 AR

 Our current Pentagram Headstar Is ARIES  formed on the 25th of March 2017 at 4 Aries rx.  The next star forms on the 26th of March, 2021 at 5 Aries Direct.

The Capricorn Star is next    last JAN 2014 22 CAP RX       Next  JAN 2018 18 CAP D          Future Jan 8 2022 18 CAP RX