Venus Retrograde 2017 Reading

Venus Mandala. Place in the South East of your Home or Meditation Area.

Venus will go retrograde in 2017 on March 4th at 13 ARIES.  But she enters review territory on Jan 30th when she crosses 27 Pisces.  I am offering

a  Venus Retrograde mini reading for  $88.00

 Receive a mini taped reading attached to an email from me teaching you how to navigate this passage with maximum clarity.

  • Your 15 minute reading includes…..
  • Quick review on Venus’s placement  in your chart and what it shows about your relationships capacity (7h house aspect).
  • Quick review of Venus’s placement in your chart and what it shows about your self worth and financial karma (2h aspect.)
  • Venus Retrograde – Shaking up our Core Values in the exact area of your natal chart this retrograde takes place for YOU
  • Evolutionary Astrology – Venus rules the Anima.This transit has the ability to help unravel your inner Animus and whatever wounds you have suppressed.
 The Animus and Anima Dilemma In 1992 My teacher Jeffrey Wolf Green talked about a break down in society :”…As a woman begins to access her inner Animus we move toward gender equality. But as we move toward gender equality we have to access those wounds that have been suppressed for so long. It’s not necessarily comfortable. How many of you in this room understand what I’m talking about in terms of your own life experience? So you see the collective application here?.  …
  • When you pay on paypal also send me an email and I will then be able to highlight how this Venus Rx address your concerns.
    • Email me to sign up.  You will receive your reading within ten days.
  •   Use the daemon soul energies to align with Venus’s frequency.
  • Limited availability.  Sign up now.

Only 88.00 for all this amazing information on how it all REALLY works.  and how it affects YOUR chart.